Comfy for Summer

Tank top & White polo: H&M || Shorts: Tiangge || Shoes & Watch: Rubi
Bag: Tuccini (Gift from the BF) || Necklace: Bubbles || Hat & Glasses: Tiangge

Hi dolls! How are you doing? As of presstime, I am in Palawan for work (and travel). I just flew in yesterday, and even though it is raining really hard in Manila, it's all sunny here in Puerto Princesa. I wore this yesterday and since I was travelling, I had to be in really comfortable clothes. I wanted to look cool for summer and since I had to be in flats, I just made my outfit stylish through color combination. 

Sharing your few photos of how my day went yesterday:
Our 11am flight was delayed for an hour so we arrived late lunch at Puerto Princesa

Had lunch at Balinsasayaw. They serve really sumptous seafood for a VERY affordable price! (See that King Crab? It's only P300!) :)
Then after a day of touring around, we had dinner at Kalui. A very beautiful place where you have to enter barefooted and see a lot of artistic pieces inside. The ambiance was romantic and the food were superb. (I highly reccomend you to visit this place when you go to Puerto Prinsesa! :)

Obviously, we spent our day eating. and eating. and eating :)

Anyways, I hope you're having a great Friday :)

Much Love

Photos by: Paolo Peralta & Yours truly


universeandyou said…
Cool photos ! Hope you enjoy this work trip!

loved your feather necklace !

xoxo from Japan
Hazel said…
good thing it's sunny there in puerto princesa :) cute bag!
Azzedine Sadsad said…
That outfit looks so comfy yet stylish at the same time :>
krisna velasco said…
we have the same shoes! :)
cute outfit. so summer-y.

Paulyn Villafuerte said…
I'm jelly, I've always wanted to go to Palawan! Lovin your summer get-up girl!

Kookie B. said…
great comfy summer look! damn, i miss Palawan!
Arra said…
Love the colors of your outfit!

thanks dear :) Yes, I did enjoy :)
It was , luckily! :) Heard it was raining heavily in Manila the past weekend. :/
thanks dear :)
yay! That's great to know :) Hihi :)
Go! It was worth it :) I'll go back nga e, for real vacation naman, not work-related :)
Thank you kookie :)
Thank you arra :)

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