On Pink & Deciding on Things

Top & Jeans: H & M || Wedges: Rubi
Belt: From Bugis St, Singapore || Peace Ring: The Bead Diary || Sunnies: Random

Finally an outfit post after a long hiatus. I almost had a long week celebration and I am so happy how my fiance, Paolo managed to surprise me the eve of my birthday last Tuesday and how his mom concluded it with another birthday cake yesterday (I won't mention the parties I had in between, LOL :P). Anyways, this is what I wore last Saturday, when Pao and I attended the wedding expo at SMX. I wanted a comfortable outfit that would enable me to walk around with breeze. 
 I had to take his photo! Cause he was also wearing the H&M items we bought in Singapore! Haha!
With a good friend, Karina who owns a photobooth called LENSCAPE. Glad to see her there! :)

Pao and I had the most terrible headache after walking around the expo. So many choices, so many options as to where our wedding venue will be, our photographer, make up, couturier and so on. We ended up a lot more confused than decided. Haha. However we had to leave early as I went to my birthday bash at Mamus & Papus at Xavierville (we also threw a party for our engagement too!)

For my new readers,  Yes I'm engaged :) you can read about Paolo's proposal story here.
And good friends, I would appreciate it if you will suggest to me possible wedding venues (and musical band too) for our wedding next december. Tentatively, we are considering Calaruega as our church and still deciding where to hold our reception. Of course in a very affordable budget :)

For the meantime, hype my look:

and join my on going birthday giveaway c/o HOUSE OF ISLA :)

Thanks so much!:) Have a nice day!

Much Love, TBD


KATEFP said…
Gorgeous outfit dear :) wanna follow each other on bloglovin? ;) kisses, KATEFP
Hannah said…
I love your blog doll! You have such great style. Following now :)

xo, H
Monica Kwok said…
Nice colors, great photos. I love your blog!

Following you now. Please check out my blog at www.monicakwok.com


Ally Munda said…
great colors

Themissys said…
wow wedding preparations na! <3 thats exciting! Try to check misibis bay babe.
Chrisha Mercado said…
hottie look you got there..

thanks dear:)
gosh misibis is a bit far! haha. calaruega na siguro we're just scouting venues along the area:) thanks for the suggestion though i appreciate it <3
thanks ally :)
thank you so much hannah for following! :)
willl definitely check your blog soon :)
Gela said…
oh, you're engaged! congratulations! what an exciting time for you both. :)

boat ride through the sky
Roxanne said…
love your pants dear! you look sexy.
and yey for the wedding preparations! :)
Abinavarrete said…
love the color of your jeans!congratulations on your engagement too. :)

please drop by my online shop

xx Abi
Julie Lan said…
cute outfit, and hehe I love shopping at H&M too, congrats on your engagement!

yes it is exciting and a bit stressful as well :) Thanks Gela <3
Thanks Roxy!! :) It's stressing me as early as now haha!
surely!:) thanks dear!:!)
aaaw. thanks julie <3
Anikka Krusher said…
Love the outfit Ms Rovie :**

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