I cannot find a perfect place to take my outfit shots until my cousin, ate Aizza saw my grandfather's bike parked in our front yard. Feeling a bit creative and artsy, my cousin and I took shots in the best way we can. (and we both had fun, hihi!)


This is what I wore last Saturday, when I attended the Uniqlo event at SM MOA. Wanted to look summery hence my chic/boho look.


To beat the scorching heat, I wore my Mon Petit Boudoir corset top (which by the way I got for only P260! Steal!) and paired it with this necklace I bought from Cebu.


So Fab! Shoes (that I got for only P699 cause it's on sale!! Crazy Right?)


Random Sunnies, and yes, I'm smiling. (I rarely smile, but since we wanted a "fun shoot" well, confidently flashed my metal-filled smile! Haha)


Pink Manila Pants


I cannot smile for photos that much cause I am very much insecure to show off my braces. I always end up having "fierce" or serious photos instead of a fun and bubbly set of pictures. I should definitely get rid of this insecurity. 

Oh well. For the meantime kindly check my lookbook here:)

Much Love, TBD


Kookie B. said…
Ang chic lang! And the bike!
Jade said…
Awww cuteness... love the square pants...
Carizza Chua said…
palazoo pants looks great on you :)
Aileen A. said…
Now I really miss biking! Haha XD And love your outfit! I can never rock those pants like you do ;>
Helen Blas said…
Ganda! Proud ako nakita ko to in person! Haha :)
Truly love your shots, babe!! :) Ang ganda ganda mo always! ♥
Lizzie said…
Artistic! :) And I wish I can also score great bargains. Hehe.
CaiDiva said…
I love your lipstick Rovie, what is it?
Jhavoomorgia said…
Very fashionable rider!
Arra A. said…
Love your pants Rovie!

wrey said…
Lovely outfit! Bikes are really cool photo props! :)
Maggie said…
Great post, Rovie! Love the shoes! :) Sana matiempohan ko rin ang SO Fab! pag may sale sila! :)
krisna velasco said…
i have braces too! braces makes you beautiful! so just show your pearly whites! keri lang!
i love the whole look. i hope i can pull off something like this soon.!

stay pretty!!

thanks so much kookie <3
thanks jade:)
thanks carizza<3
you can ;) heels lang katapat nyan! thanks so much for visiting :)
chos! thanks helen!:)
aaaw! thanks arnie! my cousin took those :)
thanks so much lizzie:)
Cai its only San San :P Haha
thanks so much!:)
thanks wrey!!:)
you should maggie! super sulit ;)
lili alonday said…
This is one of my favorite outfits of yours, sis! :) Pretty!

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