Nude and Simple

Wow couldn't believe I'm blogging this early this Sunday morning! Well I got up a couple of hours ago to drink my medicines and even though I tried so hard to go back to bed, I failed. So here I am blogging and sharing with you how I looked yesterday. 
After 2 weeks of being sick, it was my first time yesterday to go out of the house and have a simple dinner at Banapple (apparently our favorite place) with Paolo and my cousin, Kuya Kevin. Since it was just a spontaneous affair, I decided to dress down in shorts and a top but styled it up with a turban and a necklace for a boho feel.
Top: Cotton On
The top was  actually a gift from my boss (thoughtful lang hihi) from his HK trip a couple of months back and finally I was able to wear it! I must say that the items from Cotton On are so nice to wear! The fabric is so soft and presko! (Wala lang Haha)
Turban: Girl Shoppe
Shorts: Randomly Bought in a Tiangge
Shoes: Mom's more than 10 year old booties! Well I actually don't know if this is my mom's or my tito's but it fits me so I'd rather wear it. This pair is actually super duper old! I remember seeing this when I was still a kid :p
And if you're wondering what lipstick I used, it is:
LA Colors Lippies in NUDE!

I actually bought it for only P99 (!!!!) in Rob Galleria Dept Store and I was surprised on the quality of the product! It is actually long lasting and smooth on the lips! Its really a good steal, right? :)

That's all for now guys! I'd love to hear your comments on my post. 
Have a happy Sunday!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


jo-ann said…
Good thing you recover from sickness. Your outfit is cute, it looks good to you.
Tess Chancellor said…
Ang ganda ng outfit mo .the best, i like the turban so much.And you look fresh and more pretty.
Maria said…
I love the whole look and you're make up, parang barbie lang. ang fresh mo :))

♥ Maria
Ria Hazel said…
Pretty pa rin kahit nagkasakit :D Anyhoo, Cotton On will open at Mega this October. Pati sa Lucky Chinatown Mall so I'm pretty excited :) I also have an LA Colors lippie, pero Nicki Minaj Pink sha. :)
I like the dreamweaver necklace!
Saw this first on Instagram... now following your IG! ;)
Megann Monday said…
Your shoes are super nice!!! I'm really drawn to sneakers, boots, and flats, lately!! Must be the weather. Or I'm just tired, haha!

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Donald Pagulong said…
simply love your get-up.
Bev said…
The turban and the top blends well. And I just love nude color lipstick!
Noel Autor said…
Beautiful pictures.
animetric said…
I like the dreamcatcher necklace. :)
michymichymoo said…
I want to have a dreamcatcher too! ;)
Sumi Go said…
I love this look sis!!! Super!!! :D The turban really adds a flair to your simple outfit. And wow at those booties! Authentic na vintage talaga siya, hindi pa-vintage lang! ^^ Anyway, I really dig your make-up here, simple and classy!
nicklelove said…
Nice look. I like that thing on your head, I have no idea what it's called, but I can't wear hats because it makes me look weird after I take them off. :)
Carizza Chua said…
heyyy those booties are super cool! it's 10 years old now and still kickin'! good thing, someone took care of it, pamana na sayo! laveettt

Dane said…
Love love love the turban so much!
I've been looking for a top just like that to no avail.
Love it when you wear your turban, Mommy!! :) So pretty and very Camille Co! HAHA! GANDAAA ♥
Franc Ramon said…
Great! You can carry even a simple outfit. Happy Sunday!!!
Gela Abores said…
perfect touch in adding the turban, Rovie! also, pretty makeup! you look like a doll. :)

boat ride through the sky
Rizza Javier said…
I like the drama. Your photos tell a good story.
Totally love this look :)

Please do visit my online shop. We are currently on SALE!
Sam Lanuza said…
you definitely rocked the turban Rovie dear. I like the necklace too, reminds me of a dream catcher. :)
Hazel said…
wow what a steal with that lipstick!!! :D
thanks so much joann :)
thanks tess!!
thanks maria <3
weeee cant wait to shop sa cotton on ria <3
following you back <3 thanks czjai :)
i think both :) miss you so much :(
thanks bev!!
thank you :)
from maris :)
thanks sumi! yes talagang sa mother ko pa sya haha :):)
haha thanks :) its a turban :)
haha thanks dear!
its a gift but its from cotton on :)
haha lamo na <3 thanks babe
ayy thanks gela <3
thanks rizza!! <3
it is :) thanks sam!! :)
super :) hihi thanks hazel :)
Honney said…
Hi, Rovie!
Wow. I love your blouse and the necklace that goes with it! Bagay!

Kai Grafia said…
Love the turban sis! I think I just have to get one for myself too. The lippie is too nude for you though :(

Kai Grafia
Fashion&Beauty with Kai
Ze Charmed Life
Mariel Parton said…
cute outfit <3 love your shoes
Grysh Co said…
Cotton On's clothes are really really nice. I heard they are opening a branch at Lucky Chinatown Mall here in Binondo! So excited for their opening! :D
Yamari Lesca said…
Rovie, you look absolutely stunning in that turban. LOVE! Hope you're feeling better xo
I can't believe your boots are 10 years old! They looks super ok pa! hahaha good quality talaga siguro :D I want a turban too. I wonder if it will look good on me :D
Michael Macalos said…

Ayzee said…
I'm not a fan of nude lipsticks because they wash me out. But wearing it with a totally made up eyes is a good call :)

I hope you're feeling better! Take care!
Chica Fashion said…
Cute turban, I like the whole look.
VivaKalliste said…
Love turbans, they are oh so chic! Check out my blog, feel free to comment filipino friend!

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