What's in My Bag || My Work Look

I've always wanted to post a "what's in my bag" entry for so long. I have been reading  blogs  (like Carizza Chua) having this kind of post and I'm trying to make one for myself. So here's what inside my Topshop bag that I got on sale for only P900!
As for essentials, Of course (my now gone) XOXO wallet, Vitress Hair polish for my locks, Bench's ginger, lemon, sandalwood scent (that gives me a lovely wooden scent for only P189), and Myra Vitaquench for my super dry skin.
and inside my small make-up kit has Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation (that I use everyday), Covergirl Natural Pressed Powder, Bench's Prettywhenpinched for my lips and cheeks, ELF's Glossy Lipshine & Eyeliner, Myra E Lipbalm and Swish Breath Spray. And oh, I'm wearing glasses cause I'm myopic o.O

And if you want to see how my make-up looks like at work (most of the time, although lately I'm changing the lip, cheek and eye colors) here's a preview:
Wearing The Bead Diary Stelly Bow to style up my work uniform
I always try to look sweet or at least not look so made-up cause I basically work out in the field and I don't like my face feeling and looking cakey or heavy whenever I face clients.

 I hope you like this post:) Comments are welcome! ;D

Much Love, 
 The Bargain Doll


Ava Te said…
cute backpack!:)
You do look sweet and innocent especially with that headband! :)
papaleng said…
Ano kaya ang laman ng XOXO wallet mo? LOL ganda ng backpack.
True, I can't help but wash my face if I feel that my makeup is too heavy although night out is always an excuse. :) Cute blue bow!
Kaye Tinney said…
You look so flawless! :) I like your bag! Ohhh I want to try that bench lip and cheek stain...I remember my very first cheek stain from bench so many years back. lol! which means ang tanda ko na. ugh!
Krisanne Bunyi said…
weee! X.O.X.O :)
Franc Ramon said…
It's good you carry yourself simply as having a field job can really be stressful but I guess it goes that look good even when they are simple are the really pretty ones.
I ALWAYS try to make myself look sweet also at all times but i always ended up i look maldita! haha i should do one posts like this too! tauyanm.com
Lizzie said…
Cute bow. makes you look younger! :P
Pepper Tan said…
I love the work look. Sweet and feminine without looking overdone. I use Vitresse too, by the way :). I might give that Bench scent a try. I love sandalwood-y scents too :)
kristinebulatao said…
Love the bag btw! :)

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Sam Lanuza said…
ang dami mo lang headbands. Natutuwa ako. you look so sweet :)
thanks ava, its actually a shoulder bag that looks like a backpack :)
wala :p haha
thanks dear :)
pareho lang tayo i suppose been using bench for so long haha :p
hhaha xoxo :)
haha use light lippies and lessen the eye makeup i guess? :)
thanks :)
yey thanks :)
lol hindi naman :) medyo naaddict nga ako lately to wear them lately :)
PRETTYYY ♥ Bet ko rin mag-what's in my bag post. Just can't seem to find time :( Gondo mo mommyyy!
Sam Lanuza said…
wear them more often, it looks good on you. :)

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