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 When I went to the ETC Flea market a couple of months back, I fell in love with this colorful kimono from Artsy Ava's Stall and  immediately bought it from her! (For only P100). And because it is so dainty and pretty, I decided to wear it during the Dress Me Up Fashion Bloggers Event at the Araneta Center.
Dress: SM GTW Betty | Kimono: Ava | Shoes: Juan by Janylin
Since we were briefed that the event will be about styling, I wore something comfortable like this flowy dress and paired it with a low heeled pink pumps. So cute how Ava's blazer put so much life into it.
We took the outfit shot after the event so look how haggard my face is!

Here's some behind the scene photos of the event (thanks to Araneta Center for these!)
My partner Ria and Kath of Araneta! Thanks a lot Kath for this opportunity, it means a lot to me :)

Im currently updating a number of posts! I was just so busy at work (and wedding preparations) so I cannot find more time to blog. Anyways, I have to rest na as I'm really tired from my tagaytay trip with my Wedding Events coordinator CREATE ANTS for some preparations. I can't wait to write about it here.

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Much Love, TBD


love the kimono on you!^_^
Pretty Ugly said…
ZOMG. I love everything about your look. It's perfect. And no, you didn't look haggard at all.

The female model is stunning. I love her complexion.
ice.greenfrog said…
I like your kimono! :)
Pepper Tan said…
I never thought that a kimono can upgrade any outfit. That looks awesome on you... Then again, anything looks awesome on you :)
Y.B. Masdal said…
Nice colors for a kimono, looks so oriental yet full of american liveliness. And the clothe seem velvety, so comfortable to wear.
Kiara Schwartz said…
LOVE me a good neon statement necklace! AMAZE!
Tobruckave Blog
Franc Ramon said…
You always are able to create your attire and combine stuff to come up with a wonderful dress plus you always look good on it.
So pretty!!! I love that kimono ♥
Pal Raine said…
Fashion is an art,right? And by this great artistry are needed. Good job there gurl! Kimono attire in a modern fashion wear. ^_^
Love the kimono's prints! :)

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animetric said…
I've always wondered if kimono tops would suit me. I think it brightened up your look for the day. :)
Sam Lanuza said…
the kimono added character to the whole outfit Rovie dear :) I like it.
Mykee said…
i love your kimono!! Do they have an online store? I wanna buy one too! :)
fifi leigh said…
looks like a fun event. your new outfit looks fun as well, with that color-blocking theme.
Aileen A. said…
Wow! This is really awesome, you're indeed very lucky to have been a part of this event :) And also, only P100 for that kimono??? Crazy!!! I love it!
Debarpan said…
looks like you have spent some great time on that event
Cai said…
I like the print..What a steal at P100!
Brick Cruz said…
very cute. do you model?

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