'Cause You Give Me Something

I consider myself very lucky to be selected as one of the few bloggers to catch James Morrison live in Manila. My deepest gratitude to the Araneta Center for giving me a chance to watch James Morrison fan, whose songs meant a lot to me.
Photo courtesy of The Araneta Center
But more than giving us passes to watch the concert,we were given a "royal" treatment by also making sure that were all busog before the concert. So we were given a sumptous dinner at Pizza Hut, Gateway.
Bloggers Ria, Hazel and I were joined by 5 winners (and their friends) of The Araneta Center's Facebook contest. They were Rainier Villareal, Kris Tacuyan, Alfred Antone Jr., Raenz Abarro and Jaja Laure. If you remember it, The Araneta Center asked the question, Why do you think Smart Araneta Coliseum remains as the Mecca of Philippine sports and entertainment? and fortunately they were the lucky ones to be chosen as winners. (Yay)  

With Ria, showing off our tickets! Yay thanks so much Araneta (imagine a rockstar tone while I said that!) Haha
With Hazel, Ria and Sir Teddy (Bear) (sabi ko kasi diba, wacky sana haha)
We were then joined by Helen. I soo love hanging out with these girls :)
And we were seatmates all throughout the concert :)

And this is my instagram post for that night. I had a great time watching James Morisson as he sounds exceptionally good. Well I believe that he sounds better live than on recording. I just wished that there were more people on the concert so they can hear him sing.I never thought he can actually reach those high notes with such ease. 
And he definitely gave me something that night. He gave me that feeling of love. (chos!)
I'm sure that together with these people, a lot of happy and sad thoughts came to our minds when James Morisson serenaded us with Broken Strings, Wonderful World and You Give Me Something. Broken Strings gave me shills as James sung it perfectly and romantically. The whole experience was overwheling. 

Indeed there are #NOOTHERCONCERT that comes close to Araneta Center. I have been to Araneta a dozen of times and all the events that held there were simply world class. I've been to concerts, games held in the center and they were unforgettable. Another thing I love about the center is its like a one-stop-shop where you can dine, shop and unwind too. 

Again and again, many thanks The Araneta Center for the invite. I am deeply honored. :)

Credits to The Araneta Center & Hazel Salcedo for the photos. Thank you so much for letting me grab them!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


You are a lucky blogger and you are living the life!!!
CJ said…
UGH I love that guy! Great shots :)

Pretty Ugly said…
I'm seriously getting old. LOL. I don't even know who James Morrison is. The place seems packed, huh? Cool photos, by the way.
dlysen said…
nice event... ang tagal ko na hindi kakaka nood ng live
Franc Ramon said…
It's nice that you enjoyed the concert and was really pampered for this one. There's been a lot of big names having shows/concert in the Philippines.
michymichymoo said…
Glad you had fun. Not familiar with James Morisson though. :|
Krizzia said…
You must have enjoyed a lot sis. :)

~ Sweetstrings
Hazel said…
great bonding sesh!!! till next rovie!! <3

Dress Me Up Buttercup
Blanca said…
Wow, lucky lucky you!:)
Ashley said…
Another great event! I love going to concerts they are always a blast.
jo-ann said…
You are lucky to be given a privilege like that. Concert plus free food are awesome. http://www.describeher.info
r0ckstarm0mma said…
Aww you guys are so lucky. Great pics and I'm sure you had so much fun. I love James Morrison... What I would give to see him live. He's high on the must-see in my concert list. :)
Jamie said…
What a fun opportunity and it looks like you had a blast =)
Sarah Olayvar said…
Love James Morisson too!:) The pictures show that you have a blast!:)
Patricia Tan said…
Yay! you're lucky enough Rovie! <3

fifi leigh said…
it sounds like a fun event. maybe more people will check out his concerts in the future.
Jaja Laure said…
OMG! That's me in paisley printed blouse hahaha! I'm so grateful to Araneta too for choosing my entry! Love love love James Morrison! =D
Anonymous said…
love everything 'bout the event. i really enjoyed it. thanks to araneta.

-rainier villareal here
yee sayang we werent personally introduced :)

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