My Lovely Red Shoes

Its not all the time that a friend gives me a pair of shoes. Because my feet is ginormous (size 40 while 5'2 tall) I've always thought that I can NEVER share shoes with my peers. Surprisingly, a good friend Jacky (who's a size 8) bought a pair that is bigger than her size. And since she can't use it (after using it for a couple of outfit shots) she decided to be a fairy godmother and donated it to the one who needed it the most -- me.
I've been wanting a pair of red shoes. Being a blogger for quite sometime, its funny how I realized that I still don't own a pair of red pumps / wedges, thus the need to buy arose. But because my fairgod baby (yes baby because she is soo young) loves me and thought of me when she realized that her pair of red wedges are too big for her, she thought of me. So yay, thank you Jacky now I have a pair of red shoes and I actually wore it the first time last Saturday :)
I wore the red shoes along with a cutey dress last Saturday when i attended the Schu Fashion Workshop and the Nail It Slumber Party last Saturday. I wanted to feel a little vintage and dainty, thats why I had to put stockings on. Sadly, i forgot to put on my headband for the complete look. Nevertheless, it still looked nice. Or not really?
Necklace: Vintage Finds
This dress reminds me of Candies. Stole it from my cousin's closet haha
And because I felt so happy and perky that day :)

Had to make this real quick! Will go to tagaytay later with my wedding organizer, CREATE ANTS for some wedding preparations :)
PS: Thank you Jacky for my shoes and Arnie Villanueva for the photos
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


CJ said…
Same here! I have a hard time finding shoes that have my size. All the cuter ones always have smaller sizes.

I LOVE YOUUU!!! Ganda mo! :) I need to practice more sa pag-take ng outfiteys mo mommy while daddy Pao's not yet around :D HAHA! Ako sub!!! ♥ I like the shoes, bait ni Jacky!

Arnie Villanueva
Cool shoes! And pretty dress too :)

Visit for arm candies/accessories at low prices ->
your shoes definitely standout!:) so bright!
michymichymoo said…
Love your shoes! :)

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