Young, Happy & Free! The Nail It Slumber Party

Having my nails done is one of the ways I pamper myself after days of tiring work. I visit nail salons at least once or twice a month to get some mani-pedi not only to relax, but also to make myself look and feel beautiful. I'm sure you guys agree that beautiful colored nails are one great fashion accessory, right?

So when I got an invite an invite to witness the opening of one of the top Nail Salon in the country, I got excited and curious at the same time. First, I've been wanting to attend a Nail it event and when I was invited to be part of their opening of their latest branch at Alphaland, I felt so honored and proud. However it was quite a wonder on how an opening can be celebrated with a slumber party. Funny how attendees were required to come in their sleeping attire -- which raised my excitement and curiosity even more.
And Saturday (Sept 29) came, after all that excitement that I felt, I came to the opening NOT in my sleeping attire. Why? Because I came from an event and because we (Nika and I) were running late to the opening, we ran to the Alphaland branch in our full outfit! And because didn't follow rules, we were charged P50 for disobedience. Haha!
Since I was late, I wasn't able to witness the blessing and was not able to grab all the delicious (and cute) food served during the event. There were cupcakes and all sorts of yummy pastries that I regret not being able to taste and capture -- which is another consequence of being late. Haha. And if you're wondering if I felt  little out of place, I DID! Haha can you see how the girls looked so comfortable in their pajamas? I envied them that night. They all looked so cute.
Nika and I on our event outfit. I'm the one to blame cause I (1) the traffic from Ortigas to Alphaland was terrible and (2) got a little lost on our way there. Sorry Nika! 
Yay I won some stamps!
resized_DSC_0884The slumber party was soo fun. The night was packed with games like Human Bingo (where I was one of the winners), Bring Me and "Do You Love Me Game (that I still haven't figured out until now! Haha). I have never seen girls be so competitive! You can just imagine how everyone would scream, run, jump and do all sorts just to win! It was a wonderful sight, especially for someone who's a little old. It made me feel so young, playful and happy.
Resident bloggers even shared their stories and experiences on how its like to be a Nail it blogger. (which actually made me wish to be one of them). Cool how they not only receive perks but also help Nail It in terms of PR and marketing. and what's more awesome is they treat each other as family. So cute. :)
With Angel and  Wonderwoman
With Bella, who was there as a videographer! (So nice to see her in action! Haha) and Anne
With Christina Decena and Bea Benedicto. So nice to finally meet them personally :)
And with the always super bait Tracy Ayson and Melai Etuna. :)

The event was all in all fun! It was all about bonding with friends, and meeting new kinds of people, young and happy people. Looking forward to more events like this (cause I always want to feel young) :P
And because I was competitive, I got 5 points so I got a free traditional manicure or pedicure! Haha :)
Super thank you Ms. Jariss for the invite! :) Had fun!

Hope you guys like my post. Feel free to share your thoughts :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Carizza Chua said…
i can imagine how active you were to win a game haha. surprised to see most of them were wearing pjs talaga!
Bella Morcen said…
PANGIT ko talaga sa buhok ko at lipstick na violet. Pesteng shoot yan. JOKE! :))
Bella Morcen said…
Labyu Ninang!
Ashley said…
Pj's or not your look great! The event sounds really cool I love getting my nails done.
jo-ann said…
Congrats, the event seems so great and interesting. By the way, you look good in your dress.
michymichymoo said…
Looks like you had a great time! :) There's a Nail It Salon near the office but haven't tried it. I will soon! :)
Maita of Makeup On Demand said…
Looks like a lot of fun! Great pictures. I followed your link on Lizzies blog. I hope you can visit my blog too :)
Hahaha cute mo forever mommy!! And I love the rule na may multang P50!! Hahaha winner yan!! :)
LifeAndBows said…
Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! Great pictures!
Jariss Manlapas said…
Thanks for coming, Rovie! Lovely post. :)
Pretty Ugly said…
Awww... How come we don't have something like this in Dubai?! This looks like so much fun. I would have loved to see you in your jammies. Sayang, you were running late.
Eunice said…
I love Nail It's theme for this party, the girls' outfits were so adorable! Given the chance, I'm sure you'll be sporting a fab sleepwear too! :)
animetric said…
Nice concept for an event, looks like fun! :)
So cute! Slumber party talaga ang peg! :)
Aileen A. said…
This looks so fun! It's a really cute concept for a launch, I'll have to check out this shop soon :)
Algene said…
I love this party, sis! Looks like everyone had so much fun! Sana may ganito rin kami sa amin :p
Kero said…
looks like a grand and fabulous slumber party! i wish to join one soon but must go buy a set of pjs first =)
jo-ann said…
It looks that they have a very good service. Wanna try
MissApriil said…
I think Ipac went to this event as well. Grabe, looks sooo fun!! I've been hearing a lot about this nail salon, will definitely try them out soon.

Miss April
MrsMartinez said…
That's an awesome experience for you girl! Slumber Party is always fun!

Earth Rullan said…
Oh my! A lot of young girls not my crowd anymore hahahaha! andami pala ninyo nagpunta buti nlaang di na ko naggora ahaha I want my nail treatment at my own time and my own peace hahaha very cute place tho!
Alexis Grace of NortOnHarper said…
What a fantastic event --- where girls can just be girls! Would love to go somewhere in my pjs and play like I did in my younger years!

Alexis Grace of North On Harper
Patricia Tan said…
I hope I could attend such event like this. I wana meet new people too! <3

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