Wardrobe Wednesdays: Sheer & Skinny

 Top: Thrifted
Jeans: Jag
Necklace: Bubbles
Shoes: Jellybean

I decided to post this set of photos eventhough this was taken last January (more than a year ago). You can obviously see how thin as a paper I was 11 months ago and how much chunk of fat I've gained after those months of eating. Yes I purposely posted this to drive me again to eat moderately and start dieting again.On the other hand, another reason why I didn't post this before was I thought the outfit looked to plain and not blog worthy. But not really, as I've realized this is one of the rare moments I'm wearing something basic -- a pair of skinny jeans and a sheer top. I'm glad my the colors of my necklace and sandals made the outfit looked vibrant and alive. It's probably one of the best fashion trick I love -- to wear something catchy like a pair of statement shoes to make the outfit stand out.

Still, I'm lingering on the fact that I should start losing weight again so I could fit in this pair of jeans again. (Yes it won't fit me now).

Gotta make this quick! Good night guys. Oh btw, see you at The New Glorietta Vibe Tomorrow! :D We'll be walking the runway with other fashion bloggers there!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Food Taste and Recipe said…
That is a hot outfit. Black emphasize your complexion.
animetric said…
I think it's the first time I've seen you wear jeans. Bagay!
exlinkevents said…
Simple but elegant. Indeed, you are passsshioooon:)
It's Me Kaye said…
Are you kidding me? It's not plain at all...I see some really cute pop of colors here and there. I really like it! But yeah, I did notice the difference...I do check on my older photos too for weight loss motivation. hihihi!
Love the top! <3

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theclothesmuse said…
Congrats for making the Vibe show! :)
Franc Ramon said…
To your credit, you always look thin in your outfit post and I think no dieting is needed. =>
girl.spot said…
Simplicity is beauty right? You really look beautiful here! :) Aww too bad I didn't go to the Vibe Show :( Hope to meet you soon, bargain doll! ;) I'm a fan right here!

Anikka Krusher said…
So beautiful naman Ate Rov :)
Hazel said…
grabeee ang payat mo nga dati rovie!!! pero mapayat ka pa rin naman ngayon! sobra sobrang ting ting lang dati. actually i like nga na may konting laman ka unlike that in the photos! :)
Chai Chen said…
Great combination Rovie! Sheer and skinny jeans. :)

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Dys Pacete said…
OVER sa payat ah? Hmm. Mas okay yung may laman ka kesa ung dyan. Kasi parang medyo close to anorexic ka na dyan. :)
Debarpan said…
this simplicty makes you more beautiful I guess,
Tricia Tanhueco said…
The outfit itself is a tad toned down. I love how you used coral as a pop of color for both the top and bottom part of the outfit :)

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