Wicked Drops

I never thought that it will be so much fun to take outfit posts on top of our (unfinished) rooftop, especially when its taken by no other by my mom. I actually wore this when I watched the SM Kids Fashion week last Saturday at SMX (thank you so much ARC PR for the invite).
I know, the outfit is screaming colors. I don't know if this would work but I felt like a little manic that day that I decided to put on some colors a lot of colors that day -- Ava's cover up, SM Parisian bag, SM Accessories hat, Mapleberry necklace and Primadonna heels. However, if there's something entirely special about this outfit, it is the dress.
H&M is a brand I truly love but I thought I couldn't buy unless I fly out to Hong Kong to shop. However, all my worries went away when I learned that Wicked Drops, an online shop sells H&M (and a lot more branded items) online. Remember the H&M sunnies I was wearing on my White's Hot post? It was from Wicked Drops . And what's more interesting is more than selling branded items (at a more affordable price), Wicked Drops also has their own collection of clothes, just like the dress that I'm wearing. So if you are curious to see what they have on their shop, just click here.
But more than H&M clothes and accessories, Wicked Drops is also selling CELINE, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, BALENCIAGA, BREITLING, Watches, Make-up from MAC, SHU UEMURA, (And a lot lot more). Wicked Drops is also gadgets, such as IPhone, DSLRS, and even X-Box. So if you want the convenience of having branded goodies delivered at your doorstep, better visit their online shop now. :)

I had so much fun at the BAZAAR FOR ALL SEASON that happened this weekend. So for all of you guys who dropped by our booth, it was awesome. Wait for my blogpost about it the coming days :)
More photos with these cool people, Arnie, Ana, Paxie and Kelly soon :D

Good night, and yes, its workweek again so let's all wake up from that long weekend we have and start facing the reality in a little while.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


ruthilicious said…
Love, love H&M too! Really cheap stuff! I bought most of my winter clothes from H&M :D
yaniconquistadora said…
Very bright and colorful outfit! I think it reflects your personality :)
Pretty Ugly said…
It's a lovely, happy outfit. I love how you mixed and matched everything. I also love your shoes! I ought to hoard Parisian shoes when I visit the Philippines. :)
Gorgeous!!!! ♥ Isa to sa mga favorites ko from your outfits! Love you and I enjoyed the bazaar with you mommy! :-*
Lourdes Espanol said…
I so love the shoes and bag!
Bella Morcen said…
I mis you! :(
Aileen A. said…
I actually like the prints of the shawl! (Wait, am I right to call it a shawl?) But dear, I just love the whole ensemble :D
Kero said…
I really like the nude chiffon dress underneath. your Mom takes lovely photos. lucky you!
Debarpan said…
wow!!just wonderful
Lexi Fernando said…
Fab outfit, it looks great on you! I love the shoes and the hat specially. :)
Franc Ramon said…
I guess at whatever environment including roof tops, you carry yourself well.
ChrisAir Abenes said…
I love the way you play with colors, it suited your fair skin
Pal Raine said…
I so love your shoes sis. The colorful shoes reflect the beauty of your total self. Seeing the inner you shine through and choosing wardrobe that reflects that. Way to go sis!
Ira said…
Awesome outfit! Just perfect:)

universeandyou said…
Very Colorful look ! Love your bag !


xoxo from Japan
Kristine Bulatao said…
Love the cover up. Cool prints! :)

Visit for arm candies/accessories at low prices -> http://www.facebook.com/GreenBerriesOnline
So cute, Rovie!!! I wish I was at the show too!!!! So many things have happened since we last saw each other!!!! Let's catch up soon :D
Blesselle Mendoza said…
I love your blog! By the way, I am a sucker for those shoes. I have the same ones but mine is not a peep toe.

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