Celeteque BB Cream: Your Perfect On the Go BB Cream

I'm a huge user of BB creams and I'm excited to share with you the newest product that Unilab has to offer -- the Celeteque Dermoscience Whitening BB Cream. 

BB Creams are becoming highly popular these days because of the benefit they give. Short for Beauty Balm creams, BB creams promise to function as a foundation, moisturizer and primer in one. Having a number of functions in one, I am fond of using BB creams as they give my skin that flawless, healthy glow in one tube.

However, there are a number of BB creams out in the market now and I'm sure that picking the right one is hard. As someone who needs to wear make-up everyday, I experience the similar dilemma. If I have to choose a product to put on my face, I have to be assured that more than being safe, the product should have multiple benefits as well.
When I learned that Celeteque is now joining the BB cream bandwagon, I got more than excited to learn that Celeteque is launching a brand that has a number of benefits -- a BB cream that has the advantages both of a moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen (with SPF 15)
According to the box, Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Multi-benefit BB Cream acts to whiten the skin, minimize pores, absorbs excess sebum (for a matte finish)  and protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays.
On first impression, Celeteque's BB cream has a thicker consistency among other creams I have previously used. It has has a natural / beige shade however, it changes and lightens up upon spreading on the skin. Since I had a good experience with the product, let me enumerate with you the pros and cons for Celeteque BB cream by enumerating while showing you a before and after photo.
I was very much impressed with the Celeteque BB cream after application.Starting with a fresh face, the BB Cream transformed the skin from stressed to fresh. Let me enumerate the multiple benefits my skin got after applying the BB Cream

(1) Coverage
Celeteque BB cream has a medium to thick coverage that a small amount can hide a number of imperfections on the skin. It can be seen that the BB cream covered the eyebags and some pimple marks on my skin. It also minimized the pores and decreased the oiliness of my skin, giving it a nice matte finish. However, due to its thick coverage the cream should be applied lightly to avoid its tendency to cake. If applied too thickly, the BB cream tends to be oily and sticky after hours of application.

(2) Brightening
Despite the natural color of the cream on its first impression, it evens out when applied on the skin. I was very surprised that the shade becomes fairer when the cream is spread out. As apparent on the photo, Celeteque BB cream brightened my skin in an instant, giving it a healthy, flawless and younger looking glow. 
(3) Moisturization
The BB cream made my skin softer and smoother after application. Since I did not put on any product on my skin prior to applying the product, the Celeteque BB cream is good enough to stand as a make up base and a moisturizer as well. However, people may have a number of experiences on this product, depending on their skin tone. As for my skin that is usually combination of dry and oily, I should skip applying my usual moisturizer as it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. But for those people with dry skin, the experience may be entirely  different.
(4) Sun protection
I’ve always been impressed with skin care products that incorporates sunscreen protection on their benefits. Since we are always exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, we should always protect our skin by putting on SPF based moisturizers and the Celeteque BB cream is one of them. It is perfect for a light SPF protection but users may need to put additional sunscreen product.

All in all, the Celeteque uphold the BB Cream's promise to give a number of benefits in one tube. It covers, moisturizes, brightens and even protects the skin from UV rays. It is perfect for women like me, who's always on the go, for it is one product that can serve as a foundation, concealer, moisturizer and even sunscreen. Also recommendable for those who are having a hard time to apply make-up, because the Celeteque BB Cream corrects the skin’s imperfections, lessening the need to put on concealers or tone correcting powders to hide those unflaterring marks. However, users should always keep in mind to put on a little amount on the skin to avoid getting oily and sticky skin after application.

With Celeteque BB Cream, your skin could achieve a brighter and younger looking glow in an instant. Just apply the BB cream, dab a hint of blush and lipstick and your’re good to go.

Celeteque BB Cream is available in all WATSONS Branches for only P325. (Talk about Value for Money)

Hope you guys liked this post!! Indeed Celeteque is one of my most favorite (if not my personal favorite) BB Cream as I have received a number of compliments the day I used it :)

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


CJ said…
Wow! And here I thought I was gonna shell out a lot, since it is Celeteque. Can't wait to try this! I'm so happy there are more bb creams available because most Korean brands that I know like Missha are pricey, but they work well.

Thanks for this!
kmmyp said…
Wow! I'd love to get one of this. Perfect!
Thanks for the review. I love Celeteque products :)
BelleB said…
only one shade sis noh? sayang might be too white for me. but still great review. your skin looks flawless.
Carmel said…
I started using some Celeteque products since October and I'm quite satisfied with their Brightening Dark spot corrector which lightened some pigmentation, though not instantly but the results are positive. I like how they packaged their products in a simple and straightforward manner as compared to most beauty products these days with all the glitzy tubes/containers and marketing hype. I tried their SPF 30 Matte moisturizer though but it didn't go well with my oily type of skin. I might try their BB cream one of these days, so thanks for the review! Too bad it's only SPF 15 and I've noticed the packaging didn't include the actual ingredients.
Kristine Bulatao said…
Works everytime! :)

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For affordable arm candies and clothing.
Thank you! :)
Sam Lanuza said…
I am a loyal Celeteque user grabe I should try this. From facial wash to lip balm I am using their products :)

Great post. Two thumbs up! :)
Eva Marie Soquena said…
Thanks for the review. Now I wanna buy a Celeteque BB cream. :D
michymichymoo said…
Wow! Exactly what I need now. Thanks for sharing! ;)
OMGGG!! Finally, Celeteque released a BB cream!!! ♥ I've always loved this skin care brand, ito lang yata tina-trust ko (and Pond's) sa face ko. Weee! I'd love to try this soon. Thanks for sharing, twinny ♥ Ganda mo!!!
brigitte santos said…
wow interesting! thanks for this review :)
MarthaTBJ said…
Promising! But you look a little fairer than I, and the BB Cream looks a little light on you, so I think this will look white on me. :(
ileOdarod said…
once I saw the price, I just know that I have to get it! Does it photograph well too?

megannmonday said…
Right now I'm on Maybelline's 8-in-1 line. It's more suited for my skin tone because they have shades closer to tan :) I like their stick better than the liquid bb cream, although I'm not too fond of applying the stick because it feels unhygienic to me. But I do like their bb creams :) I'll probably swatch this on myself to see if I can use this since you're fairer than me! :p

BTW, I remember the first time we met (sa CR! Hahaha), I still had the BB cream from Etude House and I didn't like it! You told me you didn't either :) Hahaha

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Claire said…
I was planning to buy and start using BB creams but i don't really know the best brand for me. Haven't tried any Celeteque products yet. I'm more of a Maybelline user. But i'll include this on my options :)

Arra said…
Nako, I must try this! Great review!

Raych said…
oh yay! I love celeteque <3 can't wait to try this too :D
Yza Acuña said…
Don't they have a smaller one? Like a trial pack or something? I want to try it first before getting a large one e. :-)
Chriselle Sy said…
Oh my, I didn't know that Celeteque has a BB Cream! Thanks for this, I'll try this out when I have the money for it!

My Beauty Blog
Kisty Mea said…
I love Celeteque! I want to try this one! <3 But sana they go here sa Singapore. :(
Kai Grafia said…
Ooh! It looks good Rovie! Gotta give that a try :D
MissApriil said…
I've always wanted to try their BB creams! Thank God meron na sa Watsons. Though, kind of sucks that here in the Philippines they don't have choices for shades :/

Dys Pacete said…
Yay. Kasi nagdadalaga na ako at natututo na ako mag make up, naghahanap na nga ako ngBB Cream. I was eye-ing the own in Etude House kaso sobrang expensive naman. :) Buti na lang there's one from Celeteque. Value for Money talaga. :) Gotta go to watson's and buy one. Thanks Rovie. :D
thanks dys! i like the one from etude too pero medyo super gray ko tignan lang on photos haha :D love you liked this!! :D
i think eventually they will have other shades na :)
hoard when you go here in the Phils!! :D
they only have one size e :)
its great :D
thanks babe!:)
yup its affordable too :) and super heavy coverage din sya :)
haha yes!!! dun ako super gray sa photos! haha i miss you so much meggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg thanks so much martha for leaving a comment :D:D:D:D:D:D its a bit light, yes. I hope celeteque will release a different shade too :)
thanks too :)
thanks also for dropping by :)
thank you :)
one shade for now :) thanks!!
aaw. yes i love their simple packaging too :) thanks for your comment!!!
first time to make this kind of review haha kinabahan ako. i hope i can make more reviews like this :D
thanks too :D
thanks babe!:)
mas maganda kaaa :D
animetric said…
Wow, it's very affordable. I wonder if it will suit me. Will check it out soon, thanks for the heads up.
Mom-Friday said…
Nice! Super affordable! I've only tried 2 other brands which I am quite happy with... we'll see if I get the chance to get this one to try for myself.
Aya said…
Thanks for sharing! I didn't know Celeteque now has a BB cream :) The coverage looks good! And I like that it claims to minimize pores and mattifies. I need that because I have oily skin :)
Julianne Yuki said…
Great review! and it's very affordable ha...have to try this one. :D
Anonymous said…
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babbling momma said…
great review! is this available at watsons already?
Jez said…
I just want to ask if you still put a normal face moisturizer before applying this product on your face.. looking forward for your response :)
emz said…
After applying BB cream, do u still have to put a normal face/press powder? can u pls enumerate the steps? hehe thanks... waiting for your soonest feedback...

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