Freeway Fridays: PINO RESTO BAR

Since I'm trying to bring back my daily segments on my blog, I decided to make Fridays a free day to write whatever I like. For today,I'm writing about this restobar that serves delectable Filipino dishes.
I'm a huge fan of Filipino food. Among all the different kinds of dishes I've tried, my taste buds cannot be satisfied the way Filipino dishes delight my sense of taste. Even though a lot of people tell me that Filipino food are usually served at home, I always enjoy eating the usual favorites Kare Kare, Adobo, Sinigang that are cooked with a twist. Imagine the happiness I felt when I found this restaurant called PINO that serves all my classic favorites Pinoy dishes cooked in a modern fashion.


I will be forever thankful to Paxie for inviting me to have dinner in this place. It was a fun night together with Ana, Arnie and Aisa (wow lahat pala sila A) a random (last) thursday night became an instant girls night out. We first met at Gateway Cubao and drove all the way to Jupiter, Makati to visit PINO - PIPINO restaurant. The night was a gastronomic adventure for the four of us, where we savored a lot of delectable Pinoy dishes and drink delicious flavored beers that can only be found at PINO. 

However, while we wait for our turn to be seated at Pino, we first went to the BRGR Project (situated just beside it) for some quick tambay. Look how Arnie and I are sporting the same color scheme once again. funny how we always wear almost the either the same color, style or peg, making us label each other as style sisters.
Finally had the chance to wear this very sexy peplum dress from UNCUT Clothing!
Fierce lang ni Pax!
We placed our order while we were at the Vegetarian Area called PIPINO (yes PINO has their vegetarian area!!) before we were finally seated on our dining area. The funniest part while we were selecting our orders? That was choosing our PINO FLAVORED BEER!
We had a hard time choosing our respective flavors so we ended up..
Getting everything! The only challenge is, we had to taste everything to figure out which is which -- which was Green Apple, Strawberry, etc. I ended up getting the Green Apple cause for me, it wa the best tasting among all the flavored beers (and the Cucumber too!)
PINO also has a pastries counter for the sweet tooth out there (just like me).  They are selling cupcakes for only P50!
Just because its their soft opening! But promise, its worth every penny!!

And now, let me share to you what we had for dinner. Since my photos cannot justify the goodness of each food we had, I decided to post mine versus Anagon's, to atleast show you how delicious the sets food were.

Kare-Kareng Bagnet. Seriously, Kare - Kare is my topmost favorite Pinoy dish. I love the mixture of peanuts, greens, dipped in Bagoong. Amazingly, instead of serving the usual beef and tuwalya, they served the pork meat, cooked in crisp perfection. It was heaven.
Crispy Tenderloin Tapsilog 
I love anything crispy (hence the fondnes of eating breaded porkchops and the like) so when I tasted this breaded beef along with its savoy sauce, I was surprsed that this is PINO's version of the all time Pinoy favorite, tapsilog. Among all the dishes I've tried in PINO, I can say that this was my favorite cause it literally gave a twist to my all-time favorite breakfast, made it crispy, the way I want my food is.
Watermelon Steak for our Vegetarian Friend, Ana. I couldn't imagine eating pakwan as an ulam but in this case, I tried it and it tasted like a very sweet tortang talong.
Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast. Another heavenly yet sinful dish!! 
Coffee Crusted Beef Belly. Its like 100x better than any other beefsteak (or bistek) I've ever tried. It was one of the softest and juciest beef I've tried. The sauce is also good!

Classic Pinoy turon (which was served really hot) served with Vanilla Ice cream!
Tablea Cheesecake. Really, one of the BEST CHEESECAKE I've ever tasted :)

More than enjoying the good food, the night was remarkable because of 2 things:
(1) It was the night before Arnie's 20th birthday (where we also celebrated her birthday salubong)
(2.) We had a wonderful conversation while drinking flavored beers
(3) Anne Curtis & Erwann Heusaff was on the table directly in front of us.
Okay should I say because Erwan is so hashtag pogi can I make it number one nalang?

Yup, that's him with Anne Curtis! I remember borrowing Ana's cam and taking this "stalker" shot Erwan. Seriously, mas sumarap ang pagkain nung nakita ko sya haha!

  And just before they leave, we had to take our photo with the diyosa! With PINO's part-owner and Paxie's good friend, Ruben Lanot. Look how she has that effortless hair? Oh I envy her.
Barkada shot!

Photo at PINO's art wall. Every one who dines at PINO should have a photo on their signature wall. Perfect for outfit photos too!!

So if you are craving for a different kind of Filipino dining experience, or you simply want to have that perfect, relaxing dine out with friends, PINO and PIPINO Resto Bar is the perfect place for you!

Pino & Pipino Jupiter
38 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati
Hours: 11am-2pm & 5pm-1am (Mondays to Saturdays)
11am-2pm & 5pm-10pm (Sundays)

Thank You Ana and Aisa for the photos :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Fun fun fun night and birthday salubong with my favorite girls in the blogging world!!! ♥ I love you, style sisterrr :-* See you tomorrow!
Charmie Lising said…
I love Pino! Favorite namin yung lychee-flavored beer haha :)
Franc Ramon said…
The place is just nearby our house and I like the Filipino concept of the food. The presentation made the food look really tasty.
michymichymoo said…
Can't wait to go back. I love their food! :)
wow so nice to have such bonding like that with bloggers! haha before I stalked Paxieness as well even when she go visit singapore kalurks lng haha! Wanted to meet her in person! xx

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