The Best Holiday

 I was waiting for the perfect moment to wear this beautiful white peplum dress from Pink Fashion until I realized that it was the perfect holiday dress! I actually wore this for Christmas Day when my family and I went to Tagaytay to have our annual Christmas dine out. Eversince I started earning, I always make sure that my family and I go an eat out on a nice place. This Christmas was a lot more special because for the first time that Paolo and I have been spending Christmas for the past seven years, his family members joined us on this special occasion.
 However first things first -- my outfit. I have already told you that I got my dress from Pink Fashion (which I truly love). If you have seen some of my outfit posts, I have worn a number of Pink Fashion dresses that definitely made me stand out. (Read about my posts here and here). So if you would like to check their wonderful dresses, you might want to check Pink Fashion Facebook page here
Necklace: SM Accessories
Hat: SM Accessories
I love the Peplum effect!
Another highlight of my outfit: Rajo for Parisian shoes! I paired it intentionally with the peplum dress along with the gold accessories to give it that holiday feel. Wait, I have something to tell about the shoes! I bought this from Divine Lee's booth from Bloggers United 4!
And you know how much? For just P600!! So along with the Gold Dot shoes I posted on my previous post, I got both pairs for only P1000!!

Anyway, going back to my family dinner. We actually left Navotas (where I live) with my family at around 12pm. Since Paolo came from his house at Paranaque, we decided to meet at the SLEX stopover, which happened at around 2pm. Since our family was starving, we decided to fill in our tummy with some fastfood.
Good thing we ate before driving to Tagaytay cause it took us 4 hours from the Petron SLEX stopover to get to Josephine's Tagaytay. Imagine our irritability and hunger when we finally arrived on the place! Good thing I'm sorrounded with good people and eventually good food that relieved my irritabilty.
With my fiance, Paolo
With my family, Tatay and Nanay sans my Mom
My future in laws :)
My family, Mommy Rose and Kuya

 Christmas 2012 was the most memorable one for me. Its like a "preparation" for what's bound to happen next year, as all of you know by the Christmas next year I am officially married to Paolo Peralta and I'll be spending more Christmases together.

How about you guys? How did you spend your Christmas Day?

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


venussmileygal said…
Wow! what a great saving on that Rajo for Parisian shoes! Ive been eyeing to buy one when I went to Manila but got short on the budget. Wish we had a Bloggers United here in CDO too.
Awww. I envy your shoe size however #wishfulthinking that Im gonna be size9 hahaha but Im thinking of my shoes if Im gonna be a size 9 sayang. Anyhoo, as I am scouring some blogs ate dear. First: I discovered LoveChic 2nd: Vern and His BF and 3rd you are one my favorite couples and I hope I can pursue my boyfriend to take some pictures with me and post it in my blog hahaha <3 I love how your family goes well together. Hoping to have one soon :) God bless!
Patricia Tan said…
OMG! Realy 1000 for 2 pair of shoes na? I really wana attend those occasions para makakuha ng great finds! Hopefully* anyway i like your whole outfit! Indeed a perfect outfit for the holiday! :)
Really selos with all the shoes that you bought from BU4!! Sobrang steal!!! :( :( Haha but I'm happy you got them!! Weee!! The "bargain doll" nga talaga! :D
Kai Grafia said…
Nice dress Dear! Isaw exactly the same one at a mall here in Zambo :) Would have bought it but it was too short for my liking (mom will freak out and the bf too). Nice shoes!
Arra A. said…
I love the shoes! Winner talaga!

Happy new year!

Hannah said…
I love seeing photo diaries like these. Everyone looks happy! Aww, I really wish I attended BU4. Oh well next year.
wastedpixie said…
sweet mix of white and cherry red <3

would you like to follow each other?


Debarpan said…
very beautiful dress dear.
Love your peplum dress. Very chic! :)
thanks :D i hope bu will expand and be capable of handling it outside of MM :D
aaaw thank you aya :D
super! thats why favorite ko talaga ang BU :D hehe
haha minsan lang :) miss you arns!!
thanks kai ;D
next year!! :D see you!!!
thank you :D
thanks debarpan :D
thank you :)
Rhea Bue said…
awww.. pretty babbbeee! :) so happy for you kase happy Christmas mo.. :) advance happy new year babe! :)
ann ramirez said…
Color white complements you!
Lhyzie Bongon said…
pretty :) i love your dress and your hat :)
Dys Pacete said…
I'm gonna steal that shoes. WAAAAH. Super ganda. :)))
Franc Ramon said…
I'm sure in the future holidays with both families would be more common after your upcoming wedding. Happy Holidays!

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