South Korea Day 1 Photodiary

I am still on a hangover from our Korea Incentive trip just a few days ago. Never in my life I thought I could actually step on another country (cause of my very humble family background) until I started working. Being a medical representative is probably a blessing in disguise, even if I wasn't able to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor, I've never been this blessed with so many incentives and one of them is this trip.
Snow! I'm literally stepping on snow! The feeling was crazy! It was like a wild dream coming true! I know like me we all dream of walking and playing with snow and that's what I did! Although the weather literally killed my skin from cold (despite the fact that I have a lot of warmers beneath that cape) I did not mind just as long as I get to enjoy my dream come true moment.


After our walk at Gyeonbokgung Palace, we went to the National Museum of Korea where instead of looking at the pieces inside, we piled up and drink coffee (cause all of us felt so cold and most of us were not dressed up for the weather. We headed to Hong Bar for some unlimited barbeque grill and head to The Face Shop to check out ODBO. Odbo is a soon-to be launched cosmetic line where their BB Cream is a breakthrough product their most proud of. They say that the BB cream adjust to the user's skin tone and temperature where it can fit all skin type and color. Since I still have a lot of foundations, I decided not to join other girls who hoarded a lot of Odbo.
Instead I tried THE FACESHOP's Magic BB Cream and this is how it looks on my skin.
We then went to N Seoul Tower to see the beautiful Seoul skyline, ride the cable car and walk through the ice upwards. Afterwards we were treated with a nice dinner buffet at El Mareta (where I chose not to pose all the photos cause there are a number!). The first day was breathtaking. From our 1am flight that day (Feb 7) we went straight to tour (without any sleep). It was one of those days where being sleepless and tired was all worth it.
I still have a lot of stories to share but I'm reserving it to a lot more photodiaries I'll be posting soon. Ending it with this cute photo taken at the Teddy Bear Museum.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Lucky!!! you experienced snow already ate :) yayyy! My first snow experience was fake hahaha :)) I so hope to go to Korea soon!!! :)
beautiful... me and my friends plan for a korea trip!!!
CJ said…
I didn't know they had BB creams! I have their lip tint! It's awesome. Much like Tony Moly's :) Great pictures BTW.

michymichymoo said…
YAY! I love the teddy bears!!! :)
wow got excited looking at your photos dear! your so lucky!! want htem teddies too! hihi xx
Franc Ramon said…
It looks really cold in there but you still manage to look fabulous.
☆ Lhyzie ♥ said…
Waaah. Korea is one of my dream destination. Nakakainggit ka :D
megannmonday said…
I get some of my skin care products from Korea since The Face Shop here and there don't stock up on exactly the same products.

This looks like so much fun! I've been to Canada before, but only during spring so I've never experienced snow either. That would be the day! Congratulations on this incentive trip. You deserve it, sister! :)

Kai Grafia said…
WAAAAAA! I literally have to go to Korea!! I hope I'll be able to :) Nice photos sis!
its on my bucket list! I wanna visit korea too! looking at your photos made me felt like i was in south kor too! :D
Patricia Tan said…
You're lucky! Kaya pala super shopping before leaving! I like your outfits and dreaming to wear something like that too soon? haha
ishna said…
The photos are lovely! Lucky you! Korea is one of my dream countries to visit someday! :)
Mrs. Kolca said…
Wow.. happy you that you experienced snow. My turn will be this summer. Actually, summer here but late winter to the country I'm going to visit. We'll see if I'll like snow. Hehe.
Arra A. said…
So lucky!! Ang ganda sa Korea! May snow pa! :) This is your year! :)


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