Birthday Giveaway: Pink Fashion

Hi guys! March is the month where I celebrate my birthday and my blog's birthday. I seriously cannot believe that The Bargain Doll is actually 2 years old alreaday (eventhough I started blogging heavily early last year) and I've been very happy with the support you guys are giving me. (I'm really happy that I get to meet cool people online and in person) :D So, let me celebrate with you via giveaway courtesy of PINK FASHION.

 I've worn a number of Pink Fashion pieces on my blog a number of times and I must say that their collection are fun, girly and sweet. Owned by a good friend, Julie Anne Pink Fashion is collaborating with the Bargain Doll and is giving away CORSET TOPS and accessories for 4 READERS!

All you need to do is fill up the rafflecopter form below:

Happy Joining!
Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Jawaher Banico said…
GFC name: jawsmayobanico

Facebook: Jaws M. Banico

Twitter: @jawsbanico (

Blog: (
there's nothing to like on the Pink Fashion entry... it seems to be a fb account.. no option to add as well..
Carizza Chua said…
advance happy birthday rovie!!
Loila Langi said…
Pink Fashion fb page has no option to like. But would love to be a fan. :)

Anyways, happy birthday to you and to your blog! We are on the same month. ^_^

i can't like the Pink Fashion fan page. It does not come out.
Frances said…
I do agree. Pink fashion has no add button.

Hoping to win and happy birthday to you dear! :)

-xoxo, FRANCES
--from DAVAO--
henley tabal said…
no add button for Pink Fashion fb account.
Sai Sayson said…
Oo nga sis. Walang link to Pink Fashion :( Joined your giveaway. Wala lang. Trying my luck lang hehe

Sai Montes of Fashion by Sai
Riyalyn Gatdula said…
Riyalyn Gatdula

FB: Rain Gatdula
Im not sure if I liked the correct Pink Fashion Page. If you could please give the link so I can find it faster that would be greatly appreciated. :) Hope to win one. Kawaii :)
katriane018 said…
no link for pink fashion :( checked their fb site manually, they don't have add or follow...
Raine Dawson said…
Same issue with Pink Fashion-what exactly do we add and where is it? Thank you.
Ohms Emocling said…
wow awesome giveaways!happy birthday!

Shelby Peake said…

Shelby Peake xo

Thank you for the giveaway! <3 God bless!
Vanessa Rose Palacio said…
who won po here? thanks! <3
John Marson said…
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