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It has been three days since I posted something in this blog and I apologize for the hiatus. I'm sure you guys now that I just celebrated my birthday recently and I have been very busy bonding with family, friends and the fiance. The last three days has been very memorable -- I cooked for the family, partied with friends (where we preferred to call #WOLO) and spent an overnight out of town with my one and only.
However, let me share with you the little black dress I wore last Friday, when my friends and I celebrated my birthday at The Reserve.
This is probably the sexiest black dress I've ever worn. What's more surprising is I got this beautiful dress on (50% off on 50% off) sale at Forever 21. So I got this for only P300 which made me feel like I won a million bucks! You'll be surpsised cause I got the shoes on the same sale which was around P500.
Necklace: SM Accessories
Shoes: Forever 21
I'm bringing sexy back. Oh this dress made me feel so sexy and sultry. I'm glad the fiance allowed me to wear this! 
  Anyway, let me end this blog post by sharing you some of the photos we had during my small party at Reserve. It was an unbelievable night! We couldn't believe we all finished 4 bottles of tequila. Haha! Well, its actually my last party as a Ms Divinagracia so we all had to celebrate. We WOLOed the night away and partying will never be as fun when you celebrate it with friends and your loved one. :D
Sorry but we take wacky faces seriously :p
In a month's time, we're going to be husband and wife. :p

I love you, my dear friends. Thank you for celebrating with me. To more years of friendship :D

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Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Outfit Photos by Paolo Peralta
Party Photos from Bev Jiongco 


Franc Ramon said…
Belated Happy Birthday! You were really pretty and sexy with the black dress on your birthday.
Loila Langi said…
Happy birthday! Nice LBD and i love the shoes. :)
Jo Anne said…
Gorgeous! The black dress looks really good on you. T'was some fun you have there, a great birthday celebration. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
MissApriil said…
been seeing your photos in my news feed about your celebration :) belated happy birthday!
omg! tequila madness! love the shots! espcially the wacky ones! sexy dress indeed! love the shoes too! Hope you'll receive my gift for you soon! haha Happy bday again dear! x0x0 =)
Jenna Cruz said…
Happy Birthday, Rovie!! You're stunning on this outfit! love it! ;)
michymichymoo said…
Glad you had a great time. Can't wait for the wedding-related photos naman! ;)
MrsMartinez said…
You look very good in these photos... maybe it's the makeup! Happy birthday!

Belated Happy Bday TBD :)
Nettie said…
Belated Happy Birthday!! You looked amazing!
Kero Pinkihan said…
sexy back indeed! but i love your necklace most. it makes the outfit thoroughly interesting! Happy Birthday dear! May you have more fashionable days to come.
Green Monday said…
you look really lovely and so sexy, happy birthday and more happy days to come.
조이 Czjai said…
Wishing you more birthdays to come, and a married life that's filled with love! One month to go! :)
Ann said…
Happy BDAY Rovie!!!
Pretty Ugly said…
Belated happy birthday! You look so radiant. :)

And that dress is smexy! Looks perfect on you.
Sarvin Sidhu said…
that dress looks great on you! x
Describe Her said…
You have a very lovely outfit. Like it.
Earth Rullan said…
looks fun! :) Happy Birthday Rovie dear!
Fran Taglish said…
Happy Birthday Rovie! You and Pao are so cute. He's a lucky guy =) Enjoy Your special day
Lhyzie Bongon said…
Woooot! Ang sexy mo sis. Hihi. Belated Happy Birthday :)
Carizza Chua said…
blooming! happy birthday rovie!
Mrs. A to Z.♥ said…
Aww happy birthday, rovie!! Ang Sexy ng dress!
Irene said…
Happy birthday dear! You're so sexy, kainggit. =) And congrats on your wedding, too.
So prouuud my forever +1 kahit once pa lang nangyayari. :) Love the line "Well, its actually my last party as a Ms Divinagracia so we all had to celebrate." Cheers to more years!
You look very sexy and grown up in that little black dress! That's in a good way ha! Can't believe you got both the dress and the shoes for such a bargain. Ikaw na talaga ang bargain queen! I love it! :D
jenaspacio said…
Aww that's one lovely photo essay of your birthday celeb! Belated happy birthday! :)
jackjass said…
Hey sis.. I love seeing you all together. I miss you!

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