Dressing Up The Man

You all know that I am blessed with a man who is not just my husband to be, but also is my poging alalay and my default photographer as well. However, instead of being fashionable and trendy like me, Paolo is the exact opposite. He is your usual shirt and pants guy. Since I'm always dressed up whenever we go out, I always tell (or should I say force) him to be more fashionable as I don't want to look overdressed when I'm beside him.
However, shopping is Paolo's least priority. As they say, boys will be boys so he's the type of guy who would wear a piece of clothing repeatedly as long as it is still durable. So as a good wife-to-be, I would buy him clothes (most of the time as a surprise gift) that I think will best suit him. However, the problem is there are times where I'm so busy that I have no time to go to the mall. When I search for online shops, most of the time the shops only cater to female fashion items. With a help of a little research, it is good to know that there are a few stylish clothing online store for men.
So what do I usually buy Paolo? I love buying classy polo shirts for men. Paolo loves wearing polo shirts (which is very evident in the photos) as they are very versatile. It can be worn on casual dates (on shorts or on jeans) and even to work on slacks. Moreover, I find men in polo shirts very smart and casual looking.
Since we won't be seeing a lot of Paolo's fashion looks online, let me just end my post with a couple of our cheesy photos. I hope you enjoyed reading this one!

Have a great night guys :D
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Kai Sensei said…
Its good to see your sweetie pie honey pie's outfits din. hehe. buti na lang andyan ka. and in fairness, sya pala reason behind your wonderful photos.. hehe! Naks, ang sweet naman!
Charmaine Manansala said…
hehe this is soo cute :)

the first pic made me say awwww!
but that's how my fiance used to be in hs. now he's all fancy with his polos and suits that he wears to work ahha
MsEarth Rullan said…
I love your photo's with Pao parang pre-nup hahahaha :)
Wow! Such a cute couple. Same here, my boyfriend never buy clothes for himself unless he really needs one for a certain event so I'm the one who also buy him clothes but he is not into polo shirts, just plain t-shirt and he's good to go. :)
Mrs. Kolca said…
Super sweet photo of you and your fiance looking at each other. Happy love huh?! :)
Lovelee said…
You are a good fashion influence with your beau! Keep it up and I wish you guys the best in your future together. =)
Jannie said…
You look really really good together! I'm so kilig over your photos together! :) <3
MrsMartinez said…
Looks like prenuptial photos... cute!

Rhea Bue said…
woooow!!! bongga babe!!! fashionisto na rin si Papa P! :)) soooo excited for the both of you!!!! <3 <3 <3
Geoff Ledesma said…
nice! he can start his own blog. there arent much male fashion blogs around.,
wow! so inlove. Love the photos. I can't agree more about the versatility of polo shirts. <3

Ayzee Casimiro said…
Hahaha! They usually are in just shirts and jeans -- unless it's a very special occasion or you make them wear something. Best wishes to you Rovie and Paolo :)
Patricia Tan said…
Nyaw! Kilig! Cute ung 2nd to the last picture. Super sweet! Can't wait on your wedding day! How you two looks like! :3
Carizza Chua said…
it's the other way around for me. i dont like polo shirts,, because of the fabric :s pero kung cotton ok lang haha and true, men look smarter in polo haha
Franc Ramon said…
Nice twist that this is more of a Paolo centric post. You really look good together.
Eyah said…
sweet photo the first and the last pic is my favorite.. :)) YOu too look good together :))))) I love polo shirt for me too it looks more decent :) and yeah sometimes mas convenient sa camera mag edit haha :) try the pudding camera its so cool :)
Jam Daquio said…
sweet!!! and u just really look good together. bagay na bagay. yeah, i agree with you that sports polo is very classy and versatile. yet my bf isnt fond of wearing. still sticks to t-shirts.
katelewis said…
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