Orange I'm Glad

Yes I'm glad! I really apologize for my lack of posts this week, I have been very busy with work, workouts and wedding stuff (wow, that's a lot of Ws!). However, I am now very glad that I finally got a chance to update my blog and share you this outfit I wore exactly a week ago. Ironically, I wore a very summery outfit despite the rainy weather we have been experiencing for weeks. Don't worry, I was wearing blazer the whole day I was wearing this ensemble and only removed it for #OOTD purposes. Thats how bloggers roll. Haha
Shoes: Mags

With an outfit this fun, you cannot help but smile! Hope you like this refreshing look. Cutting this short as Paolo and I still have a lot of wedding related errands to do tomorrow :)

Good night!
Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta


ava te-zabat said…
Cute shorts!:) good luck with the wedding plans!!
Rhea Bue said…
grabe babe! looking fresh and gorgeous!!! I love your look here! as in!!! bagay ang hair <3
Christine Liwag said…
I looove your hair & make-up here!!!
michymichymoo said…
You're looking prettier! Bride aura ka na! :)
Yette said…
You look so pretty & absolutely gorg!
Nice post! btw, is that the Petron @ NLEX? lol looks familiar.
Deann said…
You look so sexy! Nainggit naman ako bigla sa shape ng body mo! hehe need ko na talaga magpapayat! Any tips? :)
Michelle Bugante said…
Hi Sexy! Looking good! :D Intense workout mo ha and the results are showing! :D I miss you!!! Good luck with your wedding prep. It's going to be a beautiful wedding for sure and you are going to be a radiant bride! :D
charchar said…
Nakakainggit naman ang bod mo! Hehe! I wish kasing sipag kita pagdating sa work out na ganiyan. Ako kasi, kahit ilang beses ako magplano ng work-out di natutuloy pfttt... I really love your shoes here Rovie! Looking forward to your wedding day. :)
OMG! I love the shorts! Goodluck with the wedding errands! :-)
Franc Ramon said…
Orange is both flashy and wholesome and people are starting to love the color, me included.
Mhisha said…
the crop top~!! :) you have a nice shoes dear!
Denise said…
very nice shoes , im not sure I can walk as confident as you do in them but I want this pair in my shoe collection . Good Luck with the errands .. weddings are such nice errands
winner outfit sis! batang bata and fresh na fresh looking with orange colours!
Rochelle Rivera said…
I love your shoes and grabe ang Hot! Sobra sexy mo na. I need to make you my fitinspiration
Frances said…
Love the top and the shorts!
It seems to me you are really enjoying this outfit!
It looks good on you definitely! :)

-xoxo, FRANCES
MissApriil said…
woot! napaka sexy mo talaga sis rovie! :)
Sol Felice Alvarado said…
Love the shoes! Where did u get them? :)
Tory Blum said…
You seem to have a very outgoing and a bubbly personality! I love your outfits as always, and also that you're not afraid to wear COLORS! A lot of fashion bloggers nowadays stick to neutrals and the good old black&white simply cause it can look more professional... loved it! :)
Kath Rivera said…
Sis, ang sexy mo na talaga! Pak na pak ka sa gown mo nyan for sure :) You look blooming lalo na papalapit na ang wedding mo. Stay fit n fab!
Sasabihin ko pa naman baka magkasakit ka. Buti nakablazer ka. You're extra gorgeous here sis kasi simple look lang to match your uber cute outfit.
Kim Nieves said…
omg you totally rocked that heel less sis! I soo love the vibrant color of your outfit! And I must say that you look better and better as your wedding day gets closer! ♥♥♥ bongga talaga!
RebelSweetHrt said…
I love how your outfit can totally perk up an otherwise bleak and dreary day. :)
Pinkoolaid said…
orange suits you <3
Kenny said…
First of all you are so sexy! Walang tiyan. :) Anyway, I really do love your outfit here. The colors are so fun! I especially love your shorts and shoes.

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