That Pretty Bump


When Paolo and I went to Boracay almost a couple of weeks ago, I was on my 14th week. Since my bump is (still) relatively small, I managed to still pull of my bikini during this time. Well I'm actually posting this to show you how weird my tummy size is. It could be relatively small during the morning (no food) but gets larger in the evening (cause of the food and the stress the baby experience throughout the day).

So that's how my bump looked like this Friday, after havin a heavy buffet breakfast. 
Then it looked relatively flat the next day (Saturday) for having minimal breakfast.

Sorry for annoying you with my baby bump posts but as first time mothers, no one can explain the excitement one feels to bear a child. Along with it is the anxiety and depression that comes with the hormonal and physical changes that happens to a woman. That's why while I still can, I try to wear all the clothes that still fit me and make me feel attractive. Anyways I'm entering my 16th week and I am so excited!!

Bikini: SM GTW (Sunkissed) || Bikini top: (Green polka) Bought from Boracay 

PS: Did you notice how much weight Ive gained from last year? Its so alarming!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll
Photos by Paolo Peralta


Green Monday said…
16 weeks and you still look awesome, mine was super extra big,
Marie ♡ said…
You look very happy Ate! :) You are blessed. <3 Blooming ka!!! hehehe.
Kath Rivera said…
Don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. Malaki tummy ko ng 16 weeks parang 6 months na sa iba.
Sam Lanuza said…
You look stunning. Baby girl na to for the win :))
michymichymoo said…
A pretty buntis! Don't fret about gaining weight, you'll eating for two naman. Have a safe pregnancy. :)
Rhea Bue said…
Baaabeee.. very cute bump!!! pero you're still sexyyy!!! parang busog ka lang.. :)) <3 excited for my pamangkiiin!! :D
Em Adriano said…
please make a photo diary of the progress of the months til you reach the birth, yung mga artsy shots! :D
Imdeb said…
you're still looking gorgeous.
aaw thanks for saying that :) ako naman honestly i feel ugly and fat.. ganon daw yung hormones :D haha
thanks kath :D:D
lahat nga yan ang hula sa akin :D hihi basta healthy super okay na yun :)
thank you :) maibabalik parin naman sa dati :)
Sabi nga nila haha thanks :)
Thanks for the idea :D will try to pero hindi lagi nakabikini! haha :p
thank you :D
Gen-zel said…
Pretty mommy! Sexy parin ang gorge! Excited to see your baby soon! <3 :)
leirs said…
wow!!! you look amazing!!! you don't even look pregnant,,excited to read updates about your baby soon
RebelSweetHrt said…
I feel you, Rovie! Enjoy your pregnancy! Mukhang hindi ka naman maselan, which is good since you're still working and all. In a few months I know we'll be bombarded by photos of your baby naman, hehe. Looking forward to it! :)
Jes Roque said…
You are one pretty, sexy and glowing pregnant woman! I think my tummy is bigger than your baby bump. Hehe! :)
Kenny said…
still so gorgeous and sexy kahit may baby bump! you already. and oh! That aztec two-piece look good on you. xx
super sexy preggy mom-to-be...welcome our wolrd! cant wait for baby photos, hehe...
Patricia Tan said…
Never did I try this. Haha Good thing wala kang stretch marks. Ako have kaya I managed to wear high waist swimsuits! :3
RD Llarena said…
It will be cool to document your baby bump monthly :D Cool mom, lucky kid!
lovely baby bump sis! its been so long since i've visited your blog!! happy to see your tummy getting so big with a very cute baby inside! love the mint bra top on you!

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