Slowly but surely, I am trying my best to get back to the world I once loved - blogging. A lot of people were encouraging me to go back, not just to blogging but even to working out. However I always find myself giving the same answer -- "I don't have the time." It's not an excuse, though. The reason why I don't have time is because I don't want to give time. I am becoming so in love with my son that I'd rather spend every free minute I have with him than do anything else. Plus the fact that I became extra busy with work since my new assignment


However when your heart yells you to go back on things you used to love, it's also hard not to. So here I am, mobile typing a blog entry (while Leon is soundly asleep) and wishing to be able to post it before before the day ends. Yet, I still have one dilemma, how do I begin? What blogworthy photos should I use?

Good thing, old blogger friends managed to set a lunch date to catch up! Along with fellow mommy Joy, we set a lunch play date in order for our good friends, Rhea, Carizza and Arnie to see our little babies too! I tell you, you guys will die of cuteness once you scroll down and see how our bundles of joy made our lunch date extra special.

A big thanks to Rhea for taking awesome photos and giving me something to blog about! It's been a struggle on how to restart my blog, for I have a number of hesitations. What should I write about? I gained weight, I look fat, I'm a little shy to do fashion posts. Good thing they enlightened me and told me that there's a lot to talk about. So let me JumpStart my comeback with a personal post to slowly transition The Bargain Doll to a lifestyle blog.

By the way, we had our lunch at Brooklyn's Tomas Morato and I tell you the food is so awesome. It was my first time to try Brooklyn's and the pizza and pasta are TO DIE FOR! Their creamy pesto is the best I've tasted to far!! Paolo and I agreed that we should dine here more often ;)

Now that I have probably ate a lot of your time with my long story, its time to conclude this post. I am so excited with things in store for my blog and I hope you guys will still be there to support me (just like the old times). Expect a lot of mommy stories, tips, fashion posts, makeup reviews and basically anything under the sun. Hopefully you can hear more from me soon! 

Much Love, TBD


ruthilicious said…
Welcome back to the blogging world! Hope to see you again soonest! :)
ging valdez said…
Miss reading your blog Ms. Rovie.
Joy said…
Love, love, love!!! <3
Carizza Chua said…
hihi it was a wonderful weekend! glad to meet the new baby barkadas haha <3
Lovelee said…
That's why I haven't read anything from you for quite some time. Motherhood suits you and your baby is so cute! =)
Mars said…
Great to hear from you again! Adorable kids! and no you're not fat! Celebrate your motherhood! Sexy back! :)
Thanks :) so excited to be back too! :)

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