Chasing Cars at The Gosford Classic Car Museum

One of the reasons why I brought my boys to Central Coast for father's day (see my previous post, if you haven't) is to also see the Gosford Classic Car Museum. This museum is popular for having the largest collection of classic cars in the whole Australia, or the Southern Hemisphere, as their website claims.
We have heard of this museum from my work colleagues who resides in the coast. Perfect for a fathers day celebration, we drove to the place which was 20 minutes from Terrigal (probably an 60minutes from Sydney).
The museum is every car collector’s dream. There were hundreds of vintage, well-maintained cars that looks sparkling new. We were very much impressed. To add icing to the cake, you can actually bring the cars home. If you have the money for it.
Most of the cars come with a story of how it was bought by the museum from the original owner. Despite their age, the cars have very low mileage so they are actually as good as new. We were blown away. However, Leon was not impressed cause he was expecting the newer models. He couldn’t really relate to the vintage ones as he was expecting the newer exotic cars. At least the Ferrarri and Lamborghini models, although a little old made him a little happy.
Going to a place like this will definitely impress you. At the same time, having to see your dream car (in my case, this Cadillac Barbie Pink Car is making my Barbie Girl dreams come true) at a hefty price will also make you realize how much money you don’t have. Most of the cars are valued at $100,000 and up (Php 3,000,000) and of course wala naman kaming ganong cash haha.
Speaking of cars, its not that hard to buy a car here in Australia, the newer ones. In fact, I think that the cars here are valued less compared to the Philippines and its easier to own one here. Take for instance a Toyota Vios (they call it Yaris here) in the Phils starts at Php 600,000 and the Yaris here starts at $17,000 which almost has the same value. The minimum here in Sydney earns more or less $30,000/year while its $300,000 in the Philppines (please correct me if I’m wrong guys). So doing the math, you can actually buy a car here in Sydney which is lower than your annual salary. Medyo ibang kwento sa Pinas.
But of course, kotse lang naman ang point of comparison ko. The house prices here in Sydney are tremendously high na kahit kumayod kalabaw ako e hindi ko pa yata kaya bumili. Average cost starts at $500,000 (Php15,000,000) and usually apartment units lang ang mabibili mo. If you want a house, its a different story. Prepare to work extra hard and save really hard.
Anyway, since talking about money stresses me out, let me go back to the car museum. After roaming around and selecting the vintage car we would buy pag yumaman na kami, we decided to have our early dinner at The Coast restaurant. (Halatang nasa coast kami kasi mga pangalan ng restaurant, Reef then Coast). I just love the fact that this place is surrounded by water na you can enjoy any meal by the coast. As expected food is heavenly.
Is it just me o ang lakas maka #daddyvibes nitong asawa ko? Well he was looking the part, its was Father's Day!

Hope you liked this post ❤️

Outfit Details:

Top: Random buy | Skirt: Philippines | Beret: Kmart | Boots: Paul's Warehouse | Earrings: Lovisa
Specs: Specsavers (Will.I.Am)

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