A Great Coffee Experience: Bo's Coffee


I have to admit, I'm caffeine dependent. Yes you heard read it right, I'm a big coffee lover that I'm the type of person who cannot survive a day without having at least a cup of coffee a day. I frequent a lot of coffee shops where I usually take a rest or do my work deadlines while giving myself a caffeine fix. So you can just imagine my surprise when I was invited to attend Bo's Coffee Bloggers Meet Up in Glorietta 5 last Saturday, April 21.


I got really excited not only because I was attending another event, but more on knowing about Bo's Coffee. Admittedly, I don't go to Bo's a lot (mainly because I was unaware of their branches near my work area, and secondly I was intimidated for I thought that it is a foreign franchise).


But to my surprise, Bo's Coffee is actually a local brand that started in Cebu 16 years ago! They actually look like a foreign coffee place selling expensive drinks -- or so I thought. While in reality, Bo's offer more affordable, and very delicious roasted coffee!


And yes I mean it. Bo's serves delicious coffee that can satisfy your taste buds. We were given with their latest offering, Amaretto Biscotti that has that coffee taste with a (non alcoholic) Amaretto (wine) twist. And what I find more amazing in it are the ground Biscotti bits that you can chew while drinking it. (Well I love chewy stuff on my coffee -- like cookies, choco chips and the like!)


Not only they serve great coffee but delectable cakes as well. I love this slice of chocolate cake they gave us and definitely I can finish some more. Moreover, Bo's make (not source out) their own pastries therefore the quality and taste is assured. And oh, they have a new product, the Fruit and Nut Mix and wow, it is awesome! Perfect for those who work-out, health or diet conscious, you can enjoy munching on this goodies (just like I did the other day, haha).


But Honestly the highlight of my Bo's coffee discovery is when I learn that they (selected branches)  SERVE BREAKFAST ALL DAY! Not only breakfast,but pasta and sanwiches to fill one's stomach. I love this cause most of the time I prefer having (heavy) breakfast or occasional lunches at a coffee shop which is beneficial for me cause I can satisfy my big appetite while having my favorite drink of all time -- coffee.

Are you enticed to try Bo's Coffee? For the meantime, let me share with you more photos I took during the event

Signed mugs! How cute are those? Haha
People behind Bo's Coffee. They were really nice and accommodating :)

So for coffee lovers out there, or for those who are looking to dine, relax and unwind, head out to the nearest Bo's Coffee to enjoy their freshly roasted coffee and delectable food.

Much Love, TBD


Maggie said…
We're both coffeelovers! :P I've only tried Bo's Coffee once and I liked it. Hindi lang ako napapadalas dun sa branch nila sa katipunan kasi dalawang beses nabangga ng truck yung coffee shop nila. >_< Anyway, great post! I got hungry again after seeing the cakes. :P
Awww I just realized I haven't blogged about Bo's Coffee yet!! :| Haha but anyway, this is such a well-written post, Rovie! Love that we're both addicted with coffee. May idea na where to hang out next? ;)
eden said…
Bo's coffee!! very proud to say that it's an awesome Cebuano brand. wish they had a blogger gathering here too!!

JulesFashionWeek said…
the pie looks delicious !!
Haha! you'll definitely love it maggie! I hope I can see you soon again! :D
Glad my entry reminded you to blog about it! :) I really wish I could be invited more on events para I could catch up on you guys :) Alam mo naman, Im just a humble blogger here! Haha :D
Yes they are proud to be a Cebuano brand! :D
Thanks Jules! :D
Christeen Cereno said…
I've tried Bo's once and I love their cakes :)
Itsberyllicious said…
wow! didn't know Bo's have a lot of cake choices. :) Should try this one out next time :)
liezelice said…
I haven't tried Bo's coffee products, but the cakes surely are tempting! I like you camera shots. its perfect.
YedyLicious said…
I've tried Bo's coffee and cakes and I am satisfied with the quality they serve. But I haven't tried their all day breakfast yet, and to me, that sounds really interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

stacy said…
The amaretto is good but I'm still loyal to coffee crumble hehe
yes im glad to know more about Bo's :)
yes you should! :) thanks for visiting!
thanks for the compliment! :)
would try coffee crumble then! :) thank you!!
totenggaleng said…
I have been a Bos Coffee fan ever since it was just just a well-kept Cebu secret. I'm happy more and more Bos are being put up in Metro Manila so we too can enjoy their fine coffee and pastries without the usual heavy price that plague Bos foreign competitors.
cheffresh said…
I've tried this cafe somewhere not in Metro Manila, I can't remember where it was. I liked it.
Jade said…
Kung gusto mo ng tahimik na coffee shop sa bo's talaga.
Sumi Go said…
I love Bo's Coffee! :) I usually stay at their moa branch just to chill and lounge around.
yaniconquistadora said…
My second best place next to Starbucks :) I usually lounge at their branch in GH.

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