Better Late Than Never: HK Outfit

Hello there! Today is a memorable day for me as I feel so honored to be chosen as one of SM-GTW Bloggers for the Read Head Model Search. A lot happened but before I share them here (its actually my first time to be included in such honorable event), let me share with you first an outfit that was taken more than half a year ago.
Remember my Hong Kong Photodiaries I posted last February? Well, this was supposed to be part of it. However it was only now that I was able to get a copy of the photos John took for my outfit shots. And since the weather is so cold and rainy, I feel its the perfect time for me to post this.
As weird as it may sound, but whenever I'm in a work-related trip, I feel shy to dress up as much as I want. However I couldn't let our Hong Kong Trip pass without taking the opportunity to layer clothes (how I wish we could layer here in the Philippines!) So for our first day (en route to Hong Kong) I decided to wear this thrifted animal print sweater along with a thrifted leatherette vest (a friend gave me). To make the outfit suitable for the weather, I topped it with a scarf and paired it with leggings and booties.
And tada, a nice almost winter outfit. I was not able to put on much make-up so I just let my red lipstick do the talking. But I guess I looked a little haggard on these photos. Haha
Top & Vest: Thrifted || Scarf: Grandmom's || Bag: Nine West
Leggings: Random || Shoes: Payless / Finio
I hope you guys liked my overdue outfit post.And oh, by the way here's John, our photographer :)

Wishing you all a great week :)

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Ashley said…
That's fantastic news congratulations this is very exciting :)
Ria Hazel said…
Aabangan kita sa SM! Congrats again Rovie! :D
Super super pretty naman, Mommy!! >:D< Haha! Better late than never talaga! Wish I'd look good with layer-layer chenes, too! Haha love you and congratulations!
Your outfit rocks. Congratulations on your latest achievement.
Wow congrats! :) Nice outfit btw! :)
Hannah Magsayo said…
OMG!!! you look gorgeous with your outfit!! Each ensembles goes well together :)
Megann Monday said…
Honestly, I wish we had cooler weather without the rain here. It would do me some good! I love layering/thick clothing. Haha. Maybe that's just me! You look great and congratulations :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Rhea Bue said…
so right sis! :D better late than never! hehehehe :D
I love your outfit!!! sana makapunta rin ako ng HK someday. hihihihihi <3
claire said…
Your right! better late than never, like the aura. It's good and captivating. :)
Sam Lanuza said…
I love your lips and your nails. :)
michymichymoo said…
I bet you'll look much prettier when you smile.:)
Algene said…
I love your outfit sis! :)
Lovelee said…
I love ur shoes! Love the layered look also. I went here in HK during their cold season and boy was it so cold but I loved it! Dressing up at such a time can be so much fun. =)
Sumi Go said…
I am so in love with this outfit! :D Great job on layering these pieces sis! Your booties are so lovely too! Would want to have a pair of those! ^^
ruthilicious said…
Nice inspiration Rovie!! I might need some winter outfit inspiration! You are my favorite Fashion Blogger na talaga! Haha.
Annalise Lao said…
I think red lipstick makes any outfit instantly more put together :) Despite how you might have felt, you look fantastic.
Love your shoes. <3

Yamari Lesca said…
Love the shot where you're with the cam taking a pic!

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