Hello guys! If you have been reading my tweets, you know that I have been sick since the weekend. My fever is at 39deg high for 3 days, and fortunately today, my fever went a bit down after drinking Alaxan & Biogesic. So Im making this post very quick so I can rest fully.
Last Saturday, I went to the Jewelmer & Belle de Jour event at Glorietta / SM Makati. I wanted a comfortable look hence the Top, Skirt, and Coat Combination.
Blazer: Thrifted. No its not Zara, its Ukay! Haha
Necklace: Vintage Finds
Skirt: Forever 21 (from Surplus Shop)
Bag: Topshop. I got this on 70% off! From P3500 to P900! Good steal right?
Wedges: So FAB
And here's how my outfit look sans the blazer. I love the wind effect!
Top:Uniqlo. If you guys remember, I was invited for UNIQLO's pre opening party and we were given P1500 gift voucher. This was one of my purchases :) I'm loving their bra-top/dresses cause more than being comfortable, they are also nice to wear! Define functionality and fashion.

and its also so fun to shoot at Greenbelt's top parking. No one's there, thats why Paolo the fiance, posed as well.
Haha sya na!

Hype my look guys!:)
and if you like the lipstick Im wearing, watch out for my review on that soon!

Gotta rest now!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll

Photos by: Paolo Peralta :)


Nice photoshoot and nice items there but it's expensive. lol
Megann Monday said…
Awww, my poor sister :( Hope you get well soon. Is brother-in-law taking good care of you? See you soon :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Super love the blazer! Ukay tayo soon ha! Hehehehehe And super steal nga yung topshop bag! I want it! hehehehe :D Get well soon, Rovie dear :D
Franc Ramon said…
The blazer gave you the office girl look while without it a very casual look. You look good here.
Violy said…
I love your blazer! so classy! Hope you're feeling better now.. yeah the weather is just so bad everyone in the office are also sick! ;(
That bag is really a steal. Love the blazer, too. Get well. :)
melanie abuel said…
I love the bag and the coat. I'm eyeing something corporate for my upcoming job so this gave me some great idea:)
I love the bag! I need your bag. Haha. :)

Shop at its cheapest: xx
Aya said…
Wow, good deals on the blazer and the bag! The blazer doesn't look like it's from ukay! Love it :D
Arra said…
Love your bag! Such a cute look! So girly and sweet!

Arra The Princess on the Brink
Nicole Paler said…
I love your outfit. Bongga, as always! :) hmm... not to be rude or anything but I think the lipcolor emphasized the fact that you are a bit sick? I mean it made you look more gloomy and it just looked a bit wrong on you... :)
honney said…
Hehe. Katuwa naman sa parking lot pala ito. Very nice outfit. Hindi halata na may sakit.
the whole look is great dear! love the colours ofeveryhting! and your shoes too! so adorable! xx
Angie Vianzon said…
yay to thrifted finds and discounts. the whole outfit looks good on you.

Sam Lanuza said…
Weee! I saw this look in person! haha I just said Hi kasi you're going out and I was talking to Helen. hahaha I really like your lipstick, I think I have the same shade but the result is not the same as yours. O.o

Long comment... haha get well and I hope to see you again soon.. :-*
Feel Better Rovie! I can tell in your eyes you are not feeling well. Hope for a speedy recovery.
Kamil Rój said…
I am in love!
Trisha Kue U said…
Awww get well soon, sis. Lookin good. Di halata you were/are sick <3
Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
ang ganda ganda lagi ng flowy outfits sayo. Miss you!

Kai Grafia said…
OH MY dear! I totally need that WHITE BLAZER! :)))) You look so pretty in floral!
woooow!!! love this look babe! :) like ko yung corset!! hihihihi <3 and the bag too!!! :D excited to see you soon!!!! :D

Rhea Bue (Styles & Writes)
Hazel said…
ukay yung blazer??? NICE find rovie!!!!!! :) btw, great seeing you last saturday! :)

MrsMartinez said…
I was just about to ask about the lipstick hahaha

clarie said…
Cute! with the wind blowing you off, looked dramatic! :)
I love the shoes!
Ruben Licera said…
Nice Rovie,,you look cool
Dys Pacete said…
Love your look. Especially the lipstick. HAHA. And the BLazer. No. Don't tell me its Ukay. You got an eye for lucky picks huh. :) Paolo! HAHA pang model ang pose! :)
Kai Sensei said…
Hi Rovie.. hope you are well on your way to recovery! Grabe.. believe talaga ako sayo sa "bargain" finds mo! Panalo ang BAG! hehehe.. super like ko ang bag. At first time ko nakita si fiance mo. ayos. :) anyway.. you and the blazer looks awesome. :)
Chrisair said…
I love your wedge
Helen Blas said…
Pag may uukay ka, sasama ako! Ikaw na ang master ng thrifted shopping! :D
Sumi Go said…
I love how simple yet still girly this outfit looks! I prefer it with the coat on though.. :) Anyway, I hope you're feeling a lot better now. I also just recovered from fever. Hayy.. Let's all be careful 'cause it's really the season of sicknesses these days.
Love this mommy especially your lippies!!! Wish I could pull that off, too, and look good like you! Haha and I'm zooo happy nag-pose si daddy Pao dito! WINNER LANG!! :) Haha get well soon mommy! LOVE YOU!
ashley said…
Oh no! I hope you're feeling better! Having a fever is no fun. Also, you're the only person I've ever seen pull off that shade of lipstick--it looks great!
Leslie said…
I looove your bag :) New follower right here!
Marianne said…
Wow, from P3500 to 900?! O__O Nice! :D Love your about me part sa blog :)
Meredith Govea said…
I love those shoes and that necklace is gorgeous!!
Dacy Pie said…
I absolutly LOVE this outfit! I hope you feel better soon. ♥
Ashley said…
You look great Rovie! The pink skirt is so you. Hope you feel better soon <3
Ria Hazel said…
Rovie, isama mo naman ako sa mga ukay adventures mo. I need affordable coats and all for work :D
Tess Chancellor said…
Get well soon. lovely outfit, as usual you look awesome. Pink is good on you.

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