Oh Those Shoes!!

Hello dolls! I know you might be very busy with your respective events this most wonderful time of the year (which we call Christmas) but let me borrow a little time from you and encourage you to read my little outfit post. I am contemplating to write about my recent Christmas parties that I attended but because I am so in love with the shoes I wore on this set of outfit photos (you'll find out why), I decided to post this today.

 If the background looks familiar, yes you've guessed it right! I wore this during the second day of Bloggers United 4 (although I came very very late that the bloggers were already packing their things). I arrived late because Paolo (the fiance or I call Papa P) and I had dinner at The Stock Market, Fort for our 99th monthsary dinner, that's why I was fully dressed that night.   


And if there's something I could call as the highlight of my outfit, that would be my shoes! Have you noticed why I keep on talking about it? :)

Dress used as top: From Cousin
Skirt: Betty (c/o SM GTW)

And we go now to the best part, the shoes:

When I saw Denise Katipunera's stall in BU4 (the great mind behind Shoe Etiquette), I hurriedly went to her and told her how much I look forward to her stall every bloggers United. I have been a huge fan of the shoe line because she sells only a handful of pairs but really unique. I remember during my first visit on BU (on the second installment), I came across her booth and was shocked that she sells the shoes for only P800 (which originally costs P1000 and up online). I immediately purchased a pair without hesitation for it was one of the best purchases I ever made (check which shoes I am talking about here). Because Shoe Etiquette did not have a booth last BU3, I was really happy when it had one last BU4! Truly, she sold again her shoes for only P400-P800. And this lovely pair was only sold for P800. It was a wonderful steal.
Statement. Cris-cross heels. This pair never failed to capture the eyes of many onlookers. Aside from being eye-catchy, I felt comfortable walking with this pair because it is relatively light. Imagine style and comfort in a pair of shoes -- something you can rarely find with statement shoes!

For those interested in buying this pair, Shoe Etiquette is on holiday sale and their selling the shoes 50% off its price! I tell you better take advantage of this sale!! This pair is definitely one of the best buys you can get this holiday season :D Visit shoeetiquette.blogspot.com :)


PS: Special thanks to Papa P for taking my outfit shots and to Anagon for lending me her camera!! (speaking of camera, I have a new (second hand) D5000 so expect better photos soon)

Enjoy the holidays! Tomorrow shall post more holiday stories / outfits / parties on the blog :D

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


MissApriil said…
Love the mullet skirt! And those shoes from Denise (Shoe Etiquette)! I think those were on sale? I wanted to get something similar from her as well before eh... Oh well. The whole look is great!

Rhea Bue said…
GORGEOUS Babe!!!! :D love this shoes!!! especially the shoes!!! oh-la-la! :) Merry Christmas to you!! I miss you <3
Pal Raine said…
OMG! Sis super love your shoes...the color and the style..PERFECT!
MrsMartinez said…
You got a great deal with that pair of shoes!
Merry Christmas!

peachkins said…
Those are super cool shoes!
Maria Teresa Figuerres said…
That's a unique pair of light, comfortable, and stylish shoes, no wonder you love them so much! Merry Christmas to you and your fiance!
You look great Rovie! i looove the shoes!

btw- thank you for your sweet comment, it makes me kilig haha, you're also one of
my very first online friends that's why am really happy to see you bloom :D

Beatrice Malveda said…
I am in love with your shoes!!!!

I'm your newest follower!
Hope you come visit my blog too and follow back if you want. :)
michymichymoo said…
Shucks, I love shoes!!! Nako, I might have a shoe shopping spree with that site! :)
Claire said…
whoa those shoes! You look really good sis :) Merry Christmas..
Those shoes are amazing. Truly a work of art. I love also that you paired it with a printed top.

Debarpan said…
nice shoes and merry chrismas :)
elisatot.kv said…
great look.


your shoes are really unique! and it's also eye-catching! ;)
Maria Teresa Guanlao said…
Love the color of your shoes! I wish to wear one but I think I wouldn't be able to handle it.lol!
Pepper Tan said…
Those criss cross heels look totally amazing! They're pretty cheap too, for just 800. I want a pair for myself too! And the dress is lovely as well.
buy while its on sale :D thanks peppe!!
you can it is surprisingly light :):)
thank you :)
thank you :D
thank you :)
please :) habang sale pa!! :D
thank you :)
aaaw thanks roxy!!!! :D
thank you :)
thanks peachkins!!:)
thank you :)
i miss you too!!! :S
yes theyre on sale until now!! :D go get hihi :)
thank you :)

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