Quick Fix

It has been a jampacked, busy Saturday for me, but I must say it was productive and well spent. I had the honor to be invited to talk about blogging to a group of scholars (which I will share to you tomorrow), then went to SM North Edsa for some last minute barong shopping then went straight to UST to witness my good friend's wedding. Whew. Although it may sound too tiring, I enjoyed today as I missed the feeling of being preoccupied on events. Anyways, because I did a lot of things today, I'll cut my story telling short and go straight to an outfit I wore earlier to the talk.
Honestly, I was on a rush when I prepared for the talk so I needed outfit pieces that would make me effortlessly stand out. Luckily, I have this gorgeous abstract printed skirt from Cinta Manila that made my dressing up as easy as 1,2,3! I quickly decide to pair it with a black spaghetti strap from Freeway and use my ever reliable violet heels from People are People.
I'm so happy that this area of QC Circle is so photogenic that my fiance / PA (Poging Alalay) / photographer was inspired to take beautiful photos. I love how he added up some dramatic effect on the 3 photos above.
People are People Shoes
SM Parisian Bag (that I got at buy 1 take 1 for P799 at the recently concluded SM San Lazaro 3 Day Sale!)
Simone Fashion Closet Necklace; Freeway Top
Cinta Manila Skirt (follow them on instagram, @cintamanila for other designs! Swear they're lovely!)
No matter how much I try to do some model pose, I end up looking awkward. Haha
Just in case you'd want to know what make-up I used during this post (sorry I'm also excited to share cause I'm so impressed on its effect), I used The Body Shop SHISHO BB Cream. Good thing I have some sample sachets, and I was able to try it. Coverage is good, made me look so flawless in an instant. Also used ELF liner, AVON eyeshadows and Maybelline Lipstick.

Anyways, this is it! My eyes are already begging for some rest so I have to wrap it up! Should you have comments on my blog, kindly leave them below.

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Vergil Lloyd Chua said…
Hello! It's been awhile seen I've seen you. Hope to see you soon! :)

Channie ♥ said…
Your skirt is toooo cuutteee! Love this casual outfit!
Hope you can visit my blog too: http://channieontheover.blogspot.com

xx, C
Pinoy Wit said…
I just love your fashion sense! Every time I visit your blog there's a fresh new ensemble. This one's really charmingly feminine without being too revealing.
Florence LM said…
Love the outfit pieces. Your style definitely stands out. Keep it up!
megannmonday said…
I've seen this skirt too, and I love it!! You look great. Super lapit na ng wedding woot! Sobrang sexy mo na, tama na! 'Di na tayo sisters nyan LOL. Hope to see you soon!! :)

Megann, Style Surgery
Franc Ramon said…
You still look good even with a quick fix attire. You're a natural.
Earth Rullan said…
love the skirt and the necklace...woot you must be excited na for the wedding! excited for u too! :)
Ava Te-Zabat said…
ganda ng skirt, rovie love! pati mukup~ glowing!
Chai Chen said…
Lovely skirt dear! Nice to know your PA (LOL) is so lovely to take shots. Beautiful look and place :)

Hope we can follow each other too dear! Already following you. Happy weekend!
Pretty Ugly said…
Oh, hello there lovely. I love your necklace. Very catchy.
Elle said…
I sooo love the necklace! It's the one that actually caught my eye first, not the skirt. :) Lovely outfit!

Sumi Go said…
I love your skirt and necklace!!! <3 They're definitely great pieces that will surely make you standout whatever outfit you decide to throw them in. And naku sis, even without bb cream or any makeup, your skin has always been radiant and flawless!
Lovely, awesome SKIRT sis! <3 I love the colors! You look pretty!
조이 Czjai said…
Your necklace reminds me of the ones from Pop Junk Love. :)
Kai Sensei said…
Love love super love your amazing colorful skirt and shoes! You look fabulous. :) Looks like you've been very busy indeed. Hope you have a great summer!
michymichymoo said…
I guess I really should give BB creams a try na. :)

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