Whiter Underams with Belo Essentials Whitening Deo (Beauty Review)

Okay. So this would be my bravest post ever. Why? Because for the first time (in many years) I'll be sharing with you one of my deepest, darkest secret --
  my kili kili story.
If you are a keen observer of my blog, you would notice that whenever I do this arms raised pose, I make sure that my hair covers the part that I am most shy about -- my armpits. Its not that its dark, but my armpits have an uneven shade. Thus, I cannot proudly raise my arms cause I'm too shy.
Because it is super hassle to have dark underarms (especially when you have generally fair skin), I have tried all kinds of deodorants and creams to help me solve my problem. I also sweat a lot on that area so I really need a deodorant that will prevent me from sweating and will whiten my underarm area.
After trying a lot of brands, I found the solution to my problem -- The Belo Essentials Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.
This deodorant comes in 2 forms -- the traditional roll-on (that I've been using for the past 3 months) and this spray on (that I started using just recently). Though I have been using the roll-on for so long, I noticed the great advantage with using the spray-on as it immediately dries off after applying. 
Here are my personal observations on the product:
 * It has a nice, floral smell
* The roll-on type does not leave yellow stains on my shirts
* relatively dries up fast
* the spray-on type dries faster than the roll on type, thus no need to wait for the deo to dry up before wearing your favorite outfit
* definitely made my UNDERARM WHITER & SMOOTHER
* lessened the occurence of chicken skin

* The anti-perspirant capacity is shorter than other deos. Since I do gym a lot, my underam area sweats a lot too. I remember using one brand na kahit maggym ako e dry parin my underarm area
* Some of my friends who used this complained that they had allergies after using this product.
* It honestly did not take me 7 days but it took me a while before my skin got lighter.

Since I don't have before pictures, I'll just show you how the BELO WHITENING DEO made my underam area whiter. 
(I'm really scared of showing you the swatches!!)
Even my mom commented: "Anak biglang pumantay ang kulay ng underarms mo, anong ginamit mo?"
Well it definitely validated the efficacy of this product!
Now I can proudly raise my arms on my OOTDS! Just like this post:

I also do a monthly Epilyt IPL treatment (on my 3rd month) at Skin Rejuve that promises to whiten and lessen chicken skin while removing unwanted hair. That and with Belo deodorant probably helped me in my underarm dilemna.

Hope you liked this post and hope you were not turned off haha!

Much Love,
The Bargain Doll


Arra said…
I also tried this kasi my ate and her best friend recommended it. Yes, nakakawhiten nga siya kaso di talaga recommended gamitin pag mag woworkout. Haha :) sumuko ako dito before pero sige maybe I'll give it a shot ulit. :)

I also want to ask how much the IPL treatment? And how does it really work? Does it hurt ba or something? Thanks in advance, Rovie!

Style Reader
Tin said…
I hope you can share more about removing unwanted underarm hair. It's my ultimate insecurity ever.
Sam Lanuza said…
Ang galing, Ang Hirap pag fair skin ka tapos di pantay kulay. Kapag ikaw nag post napapabili ako, ibang klase. Hahaha i will buy this after i finish my dove...

hope to see you soon again at makapag picture na. :))
Rhea Bue said…
in faaiiirrr.. super effective nga siya babe! eto ba yung sinabi mo saakin last time? nice nice ah :D
Mitch Carvalho said…
That's also one of my skin issues, ang paputiin ang kili kili. Mine naman started getting more chicken skin texture and nagdarkened after giving birth especially nung nagka PUPPP ako. Ang dami ko na din na-try, ngayon naman ang tinatyaga ko yung Asian Secret, parang wala naman nababago haha! I even tried waxing kaso naman napakasakit saka dapat papahabain pa daw haha!

matry nga yang Belo, gusto ko din spray eh,
Kai Grafia said…
Wow sis! Nice pits ah <3 Haha! I guess it did work for you :)
Chrisair said…
nice review I want to try this before but skeptical, anyway maputi naman na ata talaga yung underarm mo eh
Eyah said…
You should have posted this last weeeeeekkk! haha! I bought na a deo spray from dove eh.. sayang! Anyway. true! Deo spray has shorter life than roll on as in short.
Crizeel Ong said…
OMG! I need to try this out! Thank you for this review. :)
looks like a good product! Currently using nivea's black and white deo spray which is good too. :)
Hazel said…
i'm also not confident in raising my arms!!! HAHA! pero okay to ha! i'd like to try this! thanks for sharing rovie!
Patricia Tan said…
And I'm proud of you! Hindi ko ata magagawa to haha I mean not ready yet even though i don't have any problems about my kili kili. Glad that you found the answer to your problem! Never tried this pa. Pero wait before anything else. I saw your pre nup photos and ang ganda! Super excited to your wedding and the motif and all! Yay Pretty couple! <3
Kim Nieves said…
omg perfect underarms + perfect body = The Bargain Doll! ♥♥♥ You're so beautiful Rovie!!
Carizza Chua said…
im also using this product. inuubos ko na lang. the effectivity of this product wont last long. my ua skin shade is still the same as before. just a normal deo but one thing im sure it doesnt darken my ua area unlike some deos out there.
Gellie Abogado said…
I probably would try IPL on my underarm, I think sa part ko naman it's the shaving that causes darkening. There's this whitening thingy pa I have tried in STRIP which really lightened my underarm although *phfew* what is expensive. lol

Mayla Lagrimas said…
true very effective... ako din dami na try & I found this BELO deo... <3 it ;)
Yesha said…
That's great if it's effective to you now you can show it off Can't wait to see future OOTD's :) Xoxo

I love Belo services but I only buy products in her clinic and what my respective doctors at Belo's clinic are suggesting. Her product at local stores are affordable so I think it is worth trying :)

Mrs. Kolca said…
Same here. I have uneven armpits cos I had allergies on them when I was in HS. After my pregnancy, I am planning to do something about it. Maybe laser hair removal or something. Will also try Belo's. Never used any of their products pa eh.
MrsMartinez said…
Good for you.

What a great find!

Franc Ramon said…
Based on your photos, the belo underarm whitening is really effective.
Green Monday said…
i really hate my underarms, Ever since i got pregnant and gave birth, they tend to darken. I'm thinking of having a whitening treatment but i need to get to remove my hair first with the IPL treatment but i wonder it may come back when i got pregnant again :(
Ari said…
I reviewed this too and I really like it. :)
i was thinking of changing my regular waxx to IPL as well as my waxpert advice but my husband somehow isn't convince pa haha. love the deo! i am currently using the mark and spencer rose collection deo smells good too hehe
jade said…
I recently used this product. I had allergies. I had tiny blisters in my armpits! Help! What could be the cause of it? What am I gonna do?
Probably you are not "hiyang" on the brand and I advise you discontinue use. For the moment, don't put any deo products until the blisters are gone :)
mac said…
How many days to see the effect that whiteness ur armpits? And what is the most effective ? The belo deo roll on or the belo deo spray?
Samantha Jameson said…
This is amazing! I am going to have to try this out! Have you ever tried a
how to tighten skin product? Or what did you use in order to take care of the skin in your armpit you called a funny name LOL.
mockingjay said…
how do you remove your armpit hair?
joanne sopelario said…
Where can I buy this and how much does it cost??
joanne sopelario said…
where can i buy this and how much does it cost?
Eyb said…
Hi po. Pwede po ba iuse ito habang naguuse din ng whitening cream ng belo?
nikita32292 said…
I had problems wit excessive sweating and dark underarms but after I started using belo essentials whitening anti-perspirant deodorant, I'm not worried. The bumps lessened and it started getting lighter. I recommend this :)

Please check this link: http://www.webbline.com/belo-essentials-whitening-anti-perspirant-deodorant-review/

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