My First Peplum


Bangles: NY&Co c/o OH MY GARMENT
Shoes: (Thrifted) NINE WEST

This is actually a super overdue outfit post. I wore this dress when Ana, Aisa, Arnie and I dined out at PINO (See the familiar art wall?) I came from work that day and instead of dining in my work clothes, I'm happy that I was able to bring this sexy statement dress that even if I did not accesorized it that much, its good as is. I'm also wearing the Nine West pumps I thrifted a couple of years back at Baguio for only P800! I can't believe its so worn out now, for I have been using that pair everyday for work. 

Have to make this post real quick! Sorry for my absence for two days (I came from our company Christmas Party at Sofitel last Tuesday then Unilab Party at PICC yesterday and I had no time to update). I hope you can visit, and comment on my post! Ill appreciate it :)

Thanks Ana Gonzales for my outfit shots :)

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Kat Valdez said…
Lovin the dress babe! (parang wala akong ganito? :P) hahaha! Love you!!! :*
Jen Cruz said…
Love that dress, sis! I'm so into laces and this laces + peplum is awesome! Nice outfit. ;)


Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥


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omg love the peplum!! wen kya aq mkppgpeplum noh? ahah can't find the right one for me hahah you look in that one!! nice lighting also! xx
michymichymoo said…
You're soooo payat when I saw you there. :)
Debarpan said…
this dress suits you so perfect dear
elisatot.kv said…
very lovely dear.


Parigyan Tamuly said…
WOw! You look so nice ! Also I love your blog
Rhea Bue said…
gorgeous babbbeee!! Love this look! <3 bagay na bagay ang peplum top sayo!!! :D I miss you!! T_________T
시 재 said…
The view from the back is stunning, hehe! :)
Franc Ramon said…
Was that wall made to match your clothes? Just kidding. As usual, you look real good here.
Ganda!! :) Super jealous talaga ako sa pag-thrift shopping mo, bonggang items palagi!! Let's, soon, ha?? >:D<
Daquio Janine said…
wow.. your thrift shopping is always the best. ikaw na talaga si bargain doll, sis! :D
Lilpink said…
wow.. pretty dress. ^__^
fits you perfectly, dear.
Aya said…
Ah I love this on you! I like the touch of pink, the back, even the matching background hahaha :D
Sorry for this super late reply too! The holiday season has been keeping me terribly busy and I decided to go on a bit of blog hiatus until today. I can't believe you thrifted those shoes. They are sooo pretty!!! :)
Anagon said…
Yey! :) Ang saya naman! :) And hindi ko alam na thrifted pala your shoes...FTW find yan a!!!
haha hindi tayo pareho :P haha
ana salamat sa outfitey shots ko ang ganda ng outfitey shots ko :)
haha i miss you na mich super!! :D
oo nga no :) did not notice it :) hihi
thank you :D:D
pinakabongga to kasi ninewest ung shoes haha!! :D
haha thanks franc! most probably it is :P
haha i know :P
thank you ako din :(
thank you:D
waaa sana totoo!!!
you can!! kaya mo :D

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