HD Makeup Course: Suzy's Graduation

If you came across my facebook and instagram last Saturday, you already know that I modeled for my friend, Suzy Catindig's graduation at HD Make Up Studio and Academy. I was really honored that my friend chose me to be her model cause (1) I am not a model and do not have an experience and (2) I have braces and it is my biggest insecurity. However Suzy - who now I call a professional HD make-up artist trusted me and still chose me to be her "experiment" for her graduation day.
resized_DSC_1516 resized_DSC_1528
If there's anyrhing different about Suzy's make-up course, they are using HD / High Definition make-up. I first had a lot of questions -- as to why she wasn't using MAC Make-up Forever and the like, it is because they are using HD Make-up products, such as GRAFTOBIAN that give stunning result. As I share with you photos on what transpired that day, you'd see how my face looked so great in make-up. resized_DSC_1526
First look: Bridal Make-up

When I saw my look after Suzy's magic touch -- I was completely stunned. I couldn't believe how an  fresh grad made me look like a lovely bride. It was so impressive for a first timer. I told you earlier that I am not confident with my smile but because Suzy made me feel confident with my bridal look, I couldn't help but smile on the photos. See my before and after? Its like an ugly duckling to a swan.
BTS during the shoot.

We did an avant garde / futuristic inspired make-up for the second look. I was so impressed that Suzy played with Graftrobian eyeshadows -- even applied them on my lips and made me look like a superhero. I must say that among the students who did avant-garde make-up, our  look did stand out.
Thank you again Suzy for choosing me as your model. It was fun doing photoshoot for one whole day, and I would love to do more!
Of course, after Suzy's graduation -- we head on to TGI Fridays Galleria (in front of her school) to celebrate. Congrats Soul! You did well!

I will definitely hire your services for my wedding! But because you are one of my bridesmaids, I'm thinking if I should put you in that kind of "pressure." You are definitely like a pro. :D
And, here's one final product that their instructor / photographer Jeave Gabiana posted online. This photo is amazing.

I hope they'll release more photos soon. :)

Would appreciate your comments!

PS: How was your election day?

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


조이 Czjai said…
Saw the bridal photo on your IG but didn't know the whole story until I read this post. :)
Hannah said…
So pretty! Ang bongga mo lang dun sa last photo :)
so love the eyebrows sa first make up look! ang bongga ng second look! love the last photos! superb! Great job modelling and sa make up artist!
Cheryl Zamora said…
You're prettier when you smile :)
You're so pretty. Galing din ng friend mo! I want to experience this too someday hihi. Great job sis! :)
Florence LM said…
Fierce makeup! Good job to your friend!
Daquio Janine said…
She really has a talent. Seems like you have the GaGa look out there.
MissApriil said…
i thought the photo you posted in your facebook account is the "real" practice bridal look :)) hihihi, she's really a talented MUA!
thank you franc :D
yes she is! thanks babe :D
happy that I was able to be "gaga" for a few hours!
thank you :D
thank you :D
thanks! sana maging model uli! haha :D
thanks! couldnt believe na pull off ko yun :p
i hope she can! im seriously considering it :D
thanks ava :D
thanks babe rhea :D
thiz iz really it :D haha!!
thanks czjai :D
MrsMartinez said…
I like the before and after shot and also the last photo. It's amazing how makeup can change ones look.

Emmerey Sarona said…
you look great! you should smile every single photo! you look pretty :)
Carizza Chua said…
gorgeous! seeing those cosmetics made me more excited about Nyxs opening here in manila!
Lilpink said…
omg.. that wedding makeup is superb. you look so beautiful.
michymichymoo said…
I agree, she should really do your makeup on your wedding! galing! :)
Kim Nieves said…
You look so gorgeous in your wedding makeup... and oh, that last pic... stunning! ♥♥♥
Sam Lanuza said…
I feel more excited about your wedding seeing the bridal makeup look. Wee ♥♥♥ And you look like Fantastic Four in your avant garde makeup, you should replace Jessica Alba. haha I miss you Rovie dear :)
Geoffrey Ledesma said…
whoa! the futuristic avant garde look is stunning! i dunno why but it reminds me of tron legacy and hunger games..haha
Tin said…
love the before & after shots.. imagine what HD make up can do? Amazing.

BTW, i kinda remember Thor's brother in you futuristic makeup. Hihihi :)

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