Why So Serious?

I know. Serious face is one of my most awkwward face -- eventhough I try so hard to avoid this face< I still can't help it as I feel very shy to smile and show my braces. Well, the good news is in a month's time, ny dentist will be removing it soon and will dfinally be able to smile with my teeth. Anyhoo, this set of outfit photos is a little overdue. Paolo took this over a couple of weeks back but failed to upload it (due to my super hectic schedule)
Necklace (w/ Free Shirt): Simone Fashion Closet
I remember wearing this when my folks and I went to a nearby mall. My lola kept on telling me to dress down (cause she feels like an alalay whenever she's with me) so decided to put on this shorts and this top. What I love about the cobweb necklaces is they instantly style up any look - just what it did to my supposedly plain and simple outfit.
Bangles and Ring: Divisoria
Shorts: Thrifted || Belt: SM Accessories
Earrings: SM Accessories
Shades: Les Moda || Mules: So Fab

 It was also my first time to use the Aviary photoeditor at Flickr. I am not gifted with great photoshop skills and will forever be thankful to instant photo editors, they are able to add a little "drama" in my outfit shots.  I also use photoscape to some of my photos. Anyways, ending this quick outfit post! Enjoy the weekend loves!

Much Love
The Bargain Doll


Carizza Chua said…
nice outfit! hey rovie i like your top :3
Eyah said…
I love photoscape too.. anyway.. I love your top.. ad yung owl ring.. Your lucky you can pull off that scarp.. isn't heavy?
MrsMartinez said…
<3 the ring! Looks good on you.

BlogGirl said…
You look so pretty with that shades, nice outfit! Serious mode huh? :)
Geoff Ledesma said…
Cobweb necklace. So that's what it's called. So many peculiar accessories coming out I can't keep up..lol
Hannah said…
I love that shades! :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
The necklace rocks but I don't think I can pull off that look.
MissApriil said…
Love the shades! And that cobweb necklace, is that from Denise's shop? Hihihihi.
Kathy Kenny Ngo said…
In fairness, madrama ang dating ng outfits. You pulled it off talaga! Good one!
Eli said…
Hi po. you look even more lovelier here than the previous post :),
Em said…
The short is so lovely, I can't believe its thrifted! :))
I have Photoshop but I'm no expert. I'd have to agree with you, instant photo editors are a big help. They're my savior. haha

Anyway, drop by my blog?
Kim Nieves said…
Nice. Ang ganda pa rin kahit sersyoso!! Love your sunnies girl!!
Gorgeous! love the outfit and the accessories too! <3
RebelSweetHrt said…
Kakatuwa naman si Lola, hehe. :)
Kero said…
love the bangles and ring, Rovie. They don't don't ever look like they came from Divi. Parang high-street!! keep it up =)
Rhea Bue said…
OMG!! So ganda babe!!! I like the neck piece!!! <3 fierce na fierce!! :)
Mom-Friday said…
I like your ring and shades! Your lola is so funny to ask you to dress down, heehee... and your photos look great! Will check out that Aviary photo editor.
Sam Lanuza said…
Your neck piece is so edgy. Your red lips pull the whole outfit together. \m/
mitchteryosa said…
I really love how you project! Wish I could do the same para mag OOTD din ako haha!
Mrs. Kolca said…
That necklace is very interesting. I think it will look good also if you wear it on a white top and a printed maxi skirt. Cheers! :D
Aya said…
Cool necklace! I like the shades you're wearing here <3 Keri mo naman ang serious face ah! :)
badudets said…
I love your shades! I didn't know that Flickr has a photo editor already.

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